Oilseeds--including sunflower, canola, soybean, flax, and hemp--are crops that may provide avenues for diversification on our Vermont farms. Oil extracted from these crops may be used for on-farm fuel production or culinary uses; the leftover meal may be used as a high protein livestock feed or soil amendment to boost fertility. The goal of our program is to develop best practices for oilseed production under our growing conditions.

  • Oilseed Production in the Northeast

    Research and agronomic advice for sunflower and canola growers is provided in the “PDF icon Oilseed Production in the Northeast (PDF), designed to provide basic information on planting, production, pest management, harvesting, and processing seed. Because oilseed crops are relatively new to the Northeast, making use of regional research is key to establishing a good crop.

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Research Results

Research results for our oilseed trials conducted from 2010 to present.

Industrial Hemp

Information on our industrial hemp research program. 

Vermont Bioenergy Initiative

The Vermont BioEnergy Initiative, a program of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, has additional resources on oil crops for on-farm biodiesel and feed, including the following:

Oilseed Cost and Profit Calculator (A downloadable modeling tool)