The Northwest Crops and Soils Program has a new Sensory Practice to assist farmers, manufacturers, and retailers generate and maintain success in the marketplace. It is led by Roy Desrochers who has over 35 years of experience providing sensory support to large and small food and beverage companies and their suppliers.

Mr. Desrochers has been working with NWCS to understand consumer preferences relating to milk from cows on a grass-only diet. This work includes a flavor benchmarking of grass-fed milk in the market using a trained taste panel, innovative consumer research to identify consumer preferences and what constitutes high quality milk flavor, and analysis using data collected from tastings and at participating farms to determine which farming practices lead to higher quality milk that consumers will buy and drink more often.

We offer a range of services including:

• Sensory analysis of foods, beverages, and packaging materials
• Taste and odor training programs
• Educational seminars
• Sensory-for-Safety to educate workers on how to use their senses to work more safely
• Innovative consumer testing programs to help producers understand their customers
• Sensory Directed Product Development for sustained market success

These are just some of the new sensory services that we offer. Our goal is to help producers and processors maximize success while managing risks. Our approach is to use our extensive experience working with companies around the world to develop sensory information useful to food producers and processors.

For additional information please contact Roy Desrochers or the NWCS St. Albans office: