The Office of the Dean is the main administrative office for the College of Education and Social Services. The office oversees each program within the college and implements college and university policies.

Address: 309 Waterman Building, University of Vermont, Burlington VT 05405
Telephone:  (802) 656-3424
Fax:  (802) 656-0855

Deans and Associate Deans

Scott Thomas — Dean

Scott Thomas, Dean

(Students: Please use to communicate with the dean)

Faculty Profile

Katharine Shepherd — Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research

Katharine Shepherd

Provides back-up to the Dean in all areas; Develops academic programs, including the advancement of new programs and curriculum initiatives; Promotes scholarship and research; Oversees accreditation, including CAEP, CACREP, and CSWE; Promotes communications concerning public outreach and scholarship; Serves as liaison to the Graduate College, Continuing and Distance Education, and the Honors College; Oversees Governor’s Institute of Vermont on Asian Cultures.

Faculty Profile

Penny Bishop — Associate Dean for Innovation and Technology

Penny Bishop, Ed.D.

International partnerships and programs, Communication strategies and resources, Recruitment and marketing initiatives, Sustainability planning

Faculty Profile

Main Phone: (802) 656-3424

Kelly Circe — Assistant to the Dean

Kelly Circe

(802) 656-1277

Primary contact and liaison for the Dean; Dean calendar and travel; Oversee processes for sabbaticals and RPT's, event planning; Work with Executive Committee on the planning of faculty meetings and committee assignments; Support the Faculty Evaluation Committee in its reviews

Chris Caswell — Office Support Generalist

Chris Caswell

(802) 656-0481

Assistant to the Associate Deans; Outstanding Teacher Day coordinator; front desk coverage; office manager

Finance & Administration Business Service Center

Pamela Blum — Business Operations Manager

Pamela Blum

(802) 656-1275

Oversight of all financial, budgetary, and human resource activities for the College

Jean Evans — Business Manager

Jean Evans

(802) 656-0824

Oversight of all financial and human resource activities for the Department of Leadership & Developmental Sciences; Specializes in all human resource issues supporting the College of Education & Social Services’ departments and programs

Kunie Renaud — Business Manager

Kunie Renaud

(802) 656-8576

Oversight of all financial and human resource activities for the Department of Education. Specializes in financial and data analysis and all research-related grant funding for the College of Education and Social Services

Main Phone: (802) 656-3468
Main Email:

Lynn White Cloud — Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Lynn White Cloud

(802) 656-3468

Curriculum management; Student concerns; Recruitment; Retention; Commencement Weekend; June Orientation; First-year student experiences; Dean's designee for all student-related forms.

Gillian Homsted — Director of Student Services

Gillian Homsted

(802) 656-1446

Advising, enrollment management, transfer student coordination

Tiffanie Spencer — Assistant Director for Diversity, Retention, & Student Services

Tiffanie Spencer

(802) 656-1442

Student diversity recruitment and retention expansion; social justice engagement; student advising and mentoring.

Meghan Jaird — Coordinator of Students Services

Meghan Aline Jaird photo

(802) 656-0824

Public relations, data management, academic advising.

Assessment, Data, and Accreditation

Lisa D. Cota — Director of Assessment, Data, and Accreditation

Lisa Cota

(802) 656-3878


Doug Gilman — Communications Director

Doug Gilman

(802) 656-8352

Oversees the design, coordination, implementation and evaluation of communications and marketing strategies. Responsibilities include the CESS communication plan, website, social media, news stories, newsletters, admissions communications, printed materials, and other outreach activities.

Development Officer

Erika Nestor — Director of Major Gifts

Erika Nestor

Coordination of major gift fundraising on behalf of the College of Education and Social Services


Joe Collier — Technical Support Specialist

Joe Collier

(802) 656-4232

Technical support for all faculty and staff; Supervision of workstudy students in the College of Education and Social Services lab; Shared Drive permissions