The Dean's Office is the main administrative office for the College of Education and Social Services (CESS). The office oversees and supports all of the College's programs in alignment with the UVM's Strategic Imperatives, the CESS Strategic Plan, and the CESS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan.

Address: 309 Waterman Building, University of Vermont, Burlington VT 05405
Telephone:  (802) 656-3424

Dean and Associate Deans

Katharine Shepherd — Interim Dean

Katharine Shepherd

Cynthia Reyes — Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs

Cynthia Reyes


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As the Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs, Dr. Reyes focuses on the integrity and quality of undergraduate education curricular and academic affairs processes, supporting faculty progression through rank-mentoring-RPT programming, and other related tasks and initiatives.

Kieran Killeen — Associate Dean for Graduate, Non-Degree and Research Programming

Kieran Killeen


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Dr. Killeen collaborates with department chairs, graduate program coordinators and staff to identify areas that may enhance program development, enrollment management, external funding, research productivity, and marketing and communications. He is also responsible for fellowship allocation, and serves as a liaison to the Graduate College and Professional and Continuing Education (PACE).


Jean Evans — Senior Staff Advisor

Jean Evans

Phone: (802) 656-0824


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As the Senior Staff Advisor for the Dean's Office on behalf of Interim Dean Katharine Shepherd, Jean ensures special projects and strategic initiatives are carried out for the college. She also specializes in human resource functions, specifically faculty and staff searches, leaves of absences, FMLA/LOA, workman’s comp and other human resource benefit related issues. 

Garaun McKenzie - Business Operations Specialist

Garaun McKenzie

Phone: (802) 656-3424


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Garaun provides daily business operations processing, Associate Deans support, and Dean’s Office support.


Tiffanie Spencer — Director for Diversity and Community Engagement

Tiffanie Spencer

Phone: (802) 656-7880


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Tiffanie provides leadership in facilitating community partnerships to expand diversity initiatives, with emphasis on collaborating with local and national organizations, as well as on-campus colleagues to develop, implement, and assess inclusive excellence activities to enable accessible pathways for students, faculty, and staff from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Finance & Administration Business Service Center

Pamela Blum — Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration

Pamela Blum

Phone: (802) 656-1275


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Pam oversees all financial, budgetary, and human resource activities for CESS.

Kunie Renaud — Financial and Grants Administrator, DOE and DLDS Business Manager

Kunie Renaud

Phone: (802) 656-8576


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Kunie oversees all financial and human resource activities for the Department of Education and the Department of Leadership and Developmental Sciences. Specializes in financial and data analysis and all research-related grant funding.

Graduate Programs Administration

Gillian Homsted — Director of Graduate and Non-Degree Enrollment Management

Gillian Homsted

Roman Vogel — Graduate Programs Administrator

Roman Vogel

Phone: (802) 656-2936


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Roman works closely with the Dean's Office, department chairs, and graduate program coordinators and staff on administration of graduate program initiatives. He plays a key role in outreach and recruitment of new graduate students, oversight of admissions processes, and supervision of the operational aspects of student registration, retention, and progress to graduation. He also serves as liaison to the Graduate College.


Main Phone: (802) 656-3468
Main Email:

Lynn C. White Cloud — Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Lynn C. White Cloud

Meghan Jaird — Director of Student Services and Retention

Meghan "MJ" Jaird

Travis Perry - Director of Student Services and Retention (incoming), Academic Advisor

Travis Perry

Eric Braun — Associate Director of Student Services and Retention & Academic Advisor

Eric Braun

Catherine Cane — Associate Director of Student Services and Academic Advisor

Catherine Cane

Will Major - Assistant Director for Student Services and Retention, Academic Advisor.

Will Major

Alexandra ("Alex") Cape - Coordinator of Student Services & Academic Advisor

Alexandra Cape


Stephanie Ratmeyer— Director of Assessment, Data, and Accreditation

Stephanie Ratmeyer

Phone: (802) 656-3878


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Stephanie coordinates and leads efforts around assessment, data management and accreditation activities; provides support as needed to programs, faculty and administrators in the development, implementation and analysis of assessment and accreditation projects.

Joseph Belarmino - Assitant Director of Assessment, Data, and Accreditation

Joseph Belarmino


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Joseph assists with assessment, data, and accreditation activities for CESS.

Kristen Rousse - Academic Affairs Coordinator

Kristen Rousse


Doug Gilman — Strategic Communications

Doug Gilman

Phone: (802) 656-8352


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Doug strives to promote and enhance the visibility and reputation of CESS undergraduate and graduate programs, research, and service across all academic program areas. His major responsibilities include managing the College's website, social media, news/stories, advertising materials and strategies, admissions/yield communications, photography, events promotion, and other outreach and media activities. 

Development Officer

Alli Lambert - Vice President for Development, UVM Foundation

Alli Lambert

Phone: (802) 656-0518


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Alli is responsible for securing philanthropic support for the College of Education and Social Services.