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Students in the College of Education and Social Services (CESS) can engage in authentic and meaningful ways with different cultures around the world.

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New Zealand
New Zealand skyline overlooking a village with mountains in the background.

Engage in our exciting Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Educators Partnership in New Zealand. Attend classes on the AUT campus, participate in a practicum internship in New Zealand public schools, experience the beautiful New Zealand landscape, and make lifelong friendships.

“Traveling to New Zealand was a great opportunity to see the world and an even better opportunity to see how another culture teaches children. My semester abroad was the best one of my college career because of how much I learned about myself and others.” —Hailey Miliziano '25

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France: Comparative Education, Language, and Culture
The Louvre in France light up at night.

Join us in France to learn about culture, education, and multilingualism as we travel to Paris, Nantes, and Limoges. Learn through cultural immersion as we explore sites such as the Louvre, National Museum of Education, and Académie Française. Tour PreK-12 classrooms, including those that teach the native Breton language, and critically reflect on multilingual and multicultural approaches. French proficiency is not required.

The course is open to all undergraduate and graduate students.

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Portugal (Azores Islands)
UVM students and faculty gathered with a group of school children at a school in the Azores Islands of Portugal.

“The Azores trip was an amazing experience. It opened my interest even further for working with children, and I was in awe over some of the progressive ways they handle child protection." —Xochi Calero '19

Study abroad in the Azores Islands in Portugal to gain a global perspective on culturally diverse strategies for building resilience, enhancing equity, and responding to trauma and adversity. With a focus on family-professional partnerships, students visit several educational, health, and/or social service agencies to experience and gain a better understanding of their work and policies.

Students engage in a community-engaged service-learning project to learn about local responses to adversity through relationships with children, families, and others. This experiential approach helps students integrate their previous and accumulating knowledge with contextualized experience to expand understanding of a multitude of global perspectives. Lectures by local experts from the region and deep discussion complement service-learning experiences. Students also compare the local systems with their counterparts in the continental United States.

In addition, students enhance their professional experiences with families, schools, and communities through outdoor and adventure education and place-based cultural experiences. Experiences in outdoor environments across the island capitalize on learning environments that embrace local culture, celebrations, and practices.

Interested? Please email Shana Haines or Jessica Strolin-Goltzman.

Costa Rica: Building resilience through family, school and community partnerships

Gain a global perspective on culturally sustaining strategies for building relationships and enhancing equity with a focus on family-professional partnerships within a global community context.

Collaborate with educational, health, and/or social service agencies to understand and experience their work and policies. Engage in a community-engaged service-learning project to learn about local culture through relationships with children, families, and other community members. This experiential approach will help students integrate previous and accumulating knowledge with contextualized experience while expanding understanding of of global perspectives.

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The Reggio Emilia Approach

This course runs for one week in the spring as set by Reggio Children along with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and is course that offers Early Childhood PreK-Grade 3 and Art Education students the opportunity to examine and reflect on their roles and experiences through in-depth readings and participation in the travel experience. Students will reflect on the political, cultural, social, and educational values in evidence and how these values and beliefs are reflected in the daily practice of the Municipal infant-toddler centers and preschools. Study groups meet at the Loris Malaguzzi International Center and have access to the exhibition hall, the auditorium, and meeting rooms, the atelier/workshop spaces, and the Center for Documentation and Educational Research. The program gives visibility to the values of the Reggio Emilia Approach through a combination of visits to schools, presentations, meetings, and exchanges of experiences.

Rome: The birthplace of various revolutionary inclusive education practices

Through study abroad in Rome, students can gain hands-on experience in local classrooms and an inside look at global topics affecting the education world today. Learn about the historical roots of Italy’s educational policies and discover the international impact of Italian pedagogues like Maria Montessori, Loris Malaguzzi, and Don Lorenzo Milani. As part of the coursework, students spend time in schools in Rome and Reggio Emilia observing best practices and seeing the Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches at work.

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Finland: Social Work in a Global Context
Finland Travel Study Flyer with same information as provided on the text below.

Interested in learning more about social work in a global context and from the perspectives of social work faculty and students from around the world?  Consider our Social Work in a Global Context to Finland travel study course.

Students convene in Finland to learn about how social work is understood and practiced in different parts of the world. Together with students and faculty from other countries (e.g., Austria, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Nigeria, UK), we explore social issues, social work responses to those issues, and ways of communicating across cultural and language differences. We also consider how our common identification with the social work profession connects us and might enable us to work together to improve the lives of people worldwide. Finally, we learn about the progressive social welfare system and cultural treasures of Finland.

The first week of the course takes place at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi Finland. We attend lectures by participants from different countries and participate in small group discussions on topics germane to global social work.

We begin the second week with an excursion to Inari and Utsjöki, near Finland’s northern border with Norway. As the only municipality where indigenous Sámi people are the majority population, Utsjöki offers a unique opportunity to learn about Sámi culture and the provision of social services in a remote, sparsely populated locale. We experience and learn about the northern Lapland environment and how it influences the lives of people living in this region of the world.

Our second excursion is to Helsinki, Finland’s capital and largest municipality where we will visit social service organizations and sample some of Helsinki’s many cultural offerings.

This course is limited to 12 participants, with priority given to social work students (MSW students, BSW majors (juniors and seniors), and then others if there are spots available. Instructor permission is required for enrollment. If you plan to apply or have questions, please contact Kelly Melekis (

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Finland: Education and the Arts
Helsinki buildings reflecting along the waterfront at dusk.

In Helsinki and Oulu, discover how the arts are embedded in the Finnish education system. Travel to Helsinki and Oulu, explore museums and galleries, tour schools and artists' studios, attend performances, participate in hands-on creative workshops, and experience Finnish culture. Email Erika White to learn more.

"Our trip to Finland was one of the greatest experiences I could hope to have to better my future teaching career. Many moments from the trip are ones that I look back on as a reference from my studies and outlook on education." - Ashley Bertolino '20

Finland: Oulu Applied Sciences University

At Oulu Applied Sciences University (OAK), join an interdisciplinary team of students from education, business, and computer science to tackle complex problems through the development of new educational technology. Email Kieran Killeen if you are interested.