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UVM Connect gives you access to a global network of UVM alums, faculty & staff.

Similar to LinkedIn - but specifically for Catamounts - UVM Connect is the best way to tap into a supportive and growing global network.  It is free & easy to join.


Get Started

Activate your UVM Connect profile today.  Select your Career Interest Group to find the most relevant people and opportunities.  Not sure which group to choose - no sweat: join additional groups (as many as you like) using the left nav. Come and go as you please - there are no obligations.  Groups are a great way to advance your own networking and give-back to current students.

Complete your profile: your career details are immensly helpful to students seeking to understand how one gets a job like yours and can help them consider questions you might be able to answer. 

Connect with Your Network

Browse the directory of Catamounts that have marked themselves as “Willing to Help.” Contact them for firsthand career insights.

Give & Get

Identify yourself as "Willing to Help" in order to share your own wisdom with others on the platform AND (at the same time) identify ways you'd love to receive help from this network.

Engage Undergrads

Students are eager for help, but most are new to networking. They might think they are bothering you, or they might not know what questions to ask to get started. 

  • Take the initiative. Think back to your 19-year-old self. What would have helped you then? You can easily search the directory for undergrads pursuing your field or keep an eye out for posts that pique your interest. 
  • Offer what you want. Students might be happy with an email exchange, but if you're willing to spend more time, consider a call, meeting for a coffee, or inviting them for a job shadow.
  • Listen and ask questions. Your expert knowledge is incredibly valuable AND you're probably providing a confidnce boost as much as you are career insight.  Questions that can get the conversation rolling:
    • Do you have any questions about my career or career path?
    • Do you have any questions about my typical work day?
    • Have you thought about an internship?
    • Have you thought about what you plan to do after graduation?
    • Are you considering graduate school?
    • Do you need any help meeting people in my field?


We love to see alums sharing professional opportunities and career insights, as well as fun posts! Remember to keep it short, add a visual to catch the eye, and don't be shy about inviting a response.  Topics can include:

  • General advice that you wish you would have known sooner
  • Your worst/weirdest interview experience
  • Response to group posts
  • Discussion prompts, like: "What are your pros and cons of remote work?" OR link to an article you think is worth discussing



Need Some Help with UVM Connect?

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