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The Sustainable Innovation MBA at the University of Vermont is a leading program for emerging changemakers who believe business can — and must — become a force for good.

Our fully integrated sustainable business curriculum creates impact because it was designed from the ground up to integrate environmental, social, and governance challenges. The Sustainable Innovation MBA (SI-MBA) is a rigorously accelerated program that focuses on the essential toolkit needed to lead businesses to profitable, sustainable, and transformational growth. The program is delivered in one year, which helps reduce the financial burden of studying and means our graduates get back out into their careers in less time.

During the full-time, on-campus program, SI-MBA students gain unique access to Vermont’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Students learn from sustainable business leaders working to transform business into a force for good. The SI-MBA experience is capped off with a practicum project, where students work on consulting engagements within sustainable businesses across Vermont, the US, and beyond.

We're on a mission to equip tomorrow's changemakers with the tools to transform business


We believe the old ways of doing business are no longer serving humanity — and that capitalism must evolve to better meet the needs of people and the planet. To accelerate this transition, future business leaders must be ready to deliver profitable, sustainable growth in changing and sometimes uncertain marketplaces.

The Sustainable Innovation MBA program focuses on the tools needed to manage business today and lead through change tomorrow. Our graduates go into the world with the knowledge and skills they need to become change agents in fields as diverse as impact investing, sustainable development, mission-driven marketing, supply chain management, nonprofit management, and other socially responsible business functions.

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The Sustainable Innovation MBA program is recognized as a leader in graduate business education and regularly lands at the top of rankings, including:

  • No.1 “Best Green MBA” by Princeton Review in 2020;
  • No.1 “Best Green MBA” by Princeton Review in 2019;
  • No.1 “Best Green MBA” by Princeton Review in 2018;
  • No.1 US-based “Better World MBA” by Corporate Knights in 2019;
  • No.4  Global “Better World MBA” by Corporate Knights in 2019;
  • No.5  Global “Better World MBA” by Corporate Knights in 2018.



We aspire to be a program and a community that supports the values of the UVM’s Common Ground.

GSB Program Values


We respect each other. We listen to each other, encourage each other and care about each other. We are strengthened by our diverse perspectives.


We value fairness, straightforward conduct, adherence to the facts, and sincerity. We acknowledge when things have not turned out the way we had hoped. As stewards of the University of Vermont, we are honest and ethical in all responsibilities entrusted to us.


We want to be at the forefront of change and believe that the best way to lead is to learn from our successes and mistakes and continue to grow. We are forward-looking and break new ground in addressing important community and societal needs.


We encourage the open exchange of information and ideas from all quarters of the community. We believe that through collaboration and participation, each of us has an important role in determining the direction and well-being of our community.


As a just community, we unite against all forms of injustice, including, but not limited to, racism. We reject bigotry, oppression, degradation, and harassment, and we challenge injustice toward any member of our community.


We are personally and collectively responsible for our words and deeds. We stand together to uphold our common ground.



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Application Deadline:
Applications for 2022-23 will close July 10, 2022. International applications have since closed.
Program start date:
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45 credits
Program duration range:
One year
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