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This annual conference is dedicated to developing a community of scholars interested in conducting research into understanding family firms and creating usable knowledge in this field.

An initiative of the University of Vermont Grossman School of Business Family Business Institute, the Family Enterprise Research Conference was established in 2005 by Mark Green and Pramodita Sharma to enable scholars to design and develop research projects that are theoretically sound, empirically accurate, and of practical significance to family firms. We strive to ensure rigorous standards and a developmental culture.

2024 Event Details

The 18th Family Enterprise Research Conference (FERC) will take place May 30 - June 1, 2024 in Portland, Oregon.

Contact Donald O. Neubaum and Ted Paterson.

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FERC Fast Facts
Established2005Nations represented by attendees60
Number of FERC attendees1,822Number of award recipients427
Number of Submissions1,122Total award $ given at FERC conferences$350,050


FERC Has it All


I have been to many conferences over the years, but FERC has it all: stimulating presentations, networking, ideas for research, beautiful venues--and good food. I encourage anyone who hasn't attended FERC to plan to attend in the future. Even someone like me who's been in the family business field for over 30 years finds FERC to be a wonderful learning experience.

Gibb Dyer, O. Leslie Stone Professor, Brigham Young University, USA

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