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Businesses of the future need to work for people and the planet. For that to happen, we need to evolve how business is taught. That’s what we’re here to do.

Our Mission

Business as usual is not an option. Many of the environmental and social challenges we face are due to how businesses have operated. Businesses of the future need to work for people and the planet. For that to happen, we need to evolve how business is taught. That’s what we’re here to do.

Our vision is for business to be a catalyst for change. We created the Sustainable Innovation MBA program to prepare the individuals needed to build and manage companies in a world undergoing essential transformational change.

What We Believe

SI-MBA students working outside at the Intervale

Business is the Engine of Change.

SI-MBA aims to develop the next generation of leaders who will transform, disrupt, innovate, and build businesses and enterprises in a world of sustainability challenges caused by accelerating climate change, the collapse of ecosystems, and increasing economic and environmental inequality.
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Business Education Should Constantly Evolve.

This program is high-touch, intensive, and 100% in-person. You'll regularly engage with the members of your cohort, our faculty and staff, our alumni, and the universe of sustainability and social justice champions who are enthusiastic to welcome new SI-MBA students into our community.
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Innovation Starts With Collaboration.

Learning to be an effective team member is critical to success as a changemaker. Our focus has always been on cooperation rather than competition. Students work in teams to complete work and learn collaboratively, receiving feedback throughout. Alumni cite this cohort model as a program highlight.

Program Values


We respect each other. We listen to each other, encourage each other, and care about each other. We are strengthened by our diverse perspectives.


We value fairness, straightforward conduct, adherence to the facts, and sincerity. We acknowledge when things have not turned out the way we had hoped. As stewards of the University of Vermont, we are honest and ethical in all responsibilities entrusted to us.


We want to be at the forefront of change and believe that the best way to lead is to learn from our successes and mistakes and continue to grow. We are forward-looking and break new ground in addressing important community and societal needs.


We encourage the open exchange of information and ideas from all quarters of the community. We believe that through collaboration and participation, each of us has an important role in determining the direction and well-being of our community.


As a just community, we unite against all forms of injustice, including, but not limited to, racism. We reject bigotry, oppression, degradation, and harassment, and we challenge injustice toward any member of our community.


We are personally and collectively responsible for our words and deeds. We stand together to uphold our common ground.

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Program Values

We aspire to be a program and a community that supports the values of the UVM’s Common Ground.

UVM's Common Ground values