Sustainable Innovation MBA Alumni | Grossman School of Business | The University of Vermont(title)

When you graduate from the SI-MBA program, you join a community of changemakers that transcends graduation cohort, armed with the tools to transform business and united by a shared belief in the power of business to change the world.

Graduates of UVM's Sustainable Innovation MBA program launch from our Burlington, Vermont campus to different sectors in business and NGOs around the world. They can be found working to change business as usual in fields as diverse as impact investing, sustainable development, mission-driven marketing, supply chain management, nonprofit management, and other socially responsible business functions. Our alumni network is ever-growing yet remains closely connected. 

Meet Our Alumni

SI-MBA alum Diane Abruzzini '17

Diane Abruzzini '17

"I entered the program to increase my business education and expand my career opportunities...[and] finished the program with a new understanding of myself and confidence that I could balance more than I thought was possible."

Co-Founder and COO
Rigorous Technology
SI-MBA alumn Aditi Datta '17

Aditi Datta '17

"I learned so much during my year of SI-MBA but what I've carried with me is that when things are challenging, one of the best things you can do is seek out feedback...especially in the world of sustainability."

Brand Lead
SI-MBA alumn Adam "Apolon" Polonski '21

Adam "Apolon" Polonski '21

"We have to build something that makes capitalism better for the earth and for the world around us. That's really part of why I wanted to do the SI-MBA program - to learn how to work and change from within while building my own company."

Lost Lantern Whiskey

SIMBA alum Riley Nelson '22

Riley Nelson '22

"I love that it's a one year program because that means we can get back out in the world and make change quicker than a traditional two year MBA program."

Director of Sustainability
SI-MBA alum Harry Greene '16

Harry Greene '16

"Understand your own personality, and what you're good at. Emotional intelligence opens doors; delivery and follow-through create value. Balance both."

Chief Research Officer & Co-Founder
Propagate Ventures
SIMBA alum Taylor Ralph '17

Taylor Ralph '17

"Question it all. Don't be afraid to ask why and know that the world wants you to speak up. It's why you're here!"

Product Impact Lead
Burton Snowboards