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Sample Networking Communications

Reaching out to a stranger can be a difficult thing to do. These introductions can guide you:

LinkedIn Message Example #1

Dear Ms. Leonard,

I am a UVM senior studying Public Communication and am interested in a career in publishing. I am wondering if we could arrange a half hour to meet, on the phone or in person, about your work at Random House and your career path.

Thank you for your time.

LinkedIn Message Example #2

Dear Ms. Brown,

As a UVM'er interested in pursuing law school, I was excited to see your profile on the Career Connection. I am wondering if we could connect on LinkedIn and set up a half hour to meet about your career and experiences in law school. I look forward to your reply.

Thank you,

E-mail Example #1

Dear Ms. Hawson,

Greetings! I am a UVM alum of the class of 2011 with a degree in English. I found your name on the UVM Career Connection and was wondering if we could set up a time to speak, on the phone or in person, for a half an hour about your work and career path.

I am exploring my options for work and am interested in finding out more about merchandising. Since graduation, I have worked as an account executive in advertising sales with Clear Channel Communication. While I greatly enjoy communicating with clients and developing advertising, I've found that sales is not the right fit for me. Any insight or advice you would be willing to give me about merchandising would be greatly appreciated.

I can be reached at this email or at 617-555-1234. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

E-mail Example #2

Dear Mr. DeSoto,

As a senior at the University of Vermont, I am currently exploring career options and am setting up informational interviews with UVM alumni in the finance field. I found your name on the Career Connection, noticed that you were a Political Science major as I am, and was wondering if you’d be willing to give me some information and advice regarding pursuing a career in finance.

Would it be possible for us to schedule a time to talk on the phone for 30-minutes? I’d be very grateful for any suggestions you might have. I can be reached at the email or at 802.555.9876.

Thank you for your time!


Phone Examples

“Hello, Ms. Shaw. My name is Maria Fernandez. I’m a student at the University of Vermont in the process of making some career decisions. Would you be willing to arrange a 30 minute meeting to discuss your career in international business?”

“Hello, Mr. Cooper. My name is Doug Gerrity and John Atwell recommended I contact you because of my interest in environmental education. I would like to gain some information and advice about pursuing a career in this area and I was wondering if we could set up a brief meeting at your convenience.”

“Hello, Dr. Parnell. My name is Carrie Tonga and I’m a recent graduate of UVM. I found your name on the UVM Career Connection and am interested in speaking with your about the job market for health care professionals in Philadelphia. I’ll be in Philadelphia the week of March 14 and was wondering if you would be able to meet with me then.”

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