United in Kenosha

TV screen view of Christopher Veal in white coat at a protest carrying a sign stating 'Why did they shoot me so many times?"

“Why did they shoot me so many times?”
Jacob Blake asked his father as he began to regain consciousness in the ICU after he was shot seven times by the Kenosha Police. His father fought back tears as he struggled to answer a question so innocent yet so remarkably tragic.

“Why did they shoot him so many times?”
Maria Hamilton thought to herself as she sat at a memorial...

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a computer screen with video work on it, over the top of it a woman looking down at another screen.

Alumni Voice/Alumni Vision


June 2, 2020, Underhill, Vermont

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Collage of cowslips over an old town map.

“How Long?”

“How long?” “How long?” This question, which punctuated an extraordinary number of Henry Thoreau’s journal entries throughout the growing season every year as he sauntered about Concord’s fields and forests, was prompted by Thoreau’s perennial desire to live deeply into the unfolding biological activity about him.

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