Getting America Back to Work

As much of the nation begins to carefully reopen from pandemic lockdowns, governors are among leaders developing strategies to help their states’ economies restart and rebound.

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Small bird sits on a branch. Text reads, #isawabird

Taking Students Birding During a Pandemic? It Helps to Have Friends at Audubon

Remote instruction is challenging enough for college faculty when the format is a conventional lecture or seminar. But how do you take pandemic-dispersed students birding? For Rubenstein School associate professor and Gund Fellow Brendan Fisher, whose Introduction to Environmental Studies class has a week-long birding unit, the answer was simple — you don’t.

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Student staffer cleans ambulance interior while dressed in protective gear.

Staying on the Front Lines

When the University of Vermont made the tough decision to shift to remote methods of learning in March, a select few students on staff at UVM Rescue made an equally tough call: to stay behind and continue providing emergency medical services to the community during critical times.

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University community response to pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic profoundly changes life across the world, we offer a window on multiple efforts by the University of Vermont community—faculty, staff, students, and alumni—to address the global crisis and ease its impact.

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