Testing the Waters: 6 Fall Intern Experiences

Nolan in high viz vest in a field of green

Just as adding icing to a cake, salt to a stew, or chocolate chips to a cookie makes for a better, more satisfying culinary experience, complementing all that classroom time with a good internship or two is an excellent way to elevate your college educational experience. An internship offers an opportunity for hands-on learning that can give you serious insight into whether a specific field is...

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An image of Joe Roman next to an image of his book entitled "Eat, Poop, Die"

Eat, Poop, Die: UVM Researcher’s Book Explores How Animals Make Our World

In his new book “Eat, Poop, Die,” UVM wildlife expert Joe Roman explores the fascinating lives of whales, seabirds, insects and other animals as they traverse their homes, from a few thousand kilometers of ocean to a few inches of soil. 

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golden brown poultry with citrus, cranberry, onion and carrots

Processing Our Relationship with Food

A recent study conducted by Antonio Cepeda-Benito, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Psychological Science, and three colleagues from the University of Jaén (Spain) demonstrates that when it comes to food addiction, ultra-processed foods are what we crave most. Not much of a revelation, right?

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