Self-Replicating Living Robots Spur World-Wide Media Blitz

Xenbots reproducing

A team of scientists — including UVM professor of computer science Josh Bongard and his former doctoral student Sam Kriegman — have discovered an entirely new form of biological reproduction.

They applied their discovery to create the first-ever, self-replicating living robots, Xenobots. Their research, presented in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on November 29, led...

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Trish O'Kane gestures to her birding class.

Audubon Magazine: One Professor’s Quest to Build Community Through Birding Takes Flight

Trish O’Kane of the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources is doing incredible work through the experiential learning course "Birding to Change the World". She combines ornithology, social justice & mentorship to inspire young environmental stewards to catalyze change.

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protest sign on street reads "To be silent is to be complicit"

HuffPost: "White parents still teach kids 'colorblindness.' That's a big problem"

HuffPost digs into Professor Jamie Abaied's study that examines how white parents communicate with their children about race.

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