Toga to Yoga: UVM's Wellness Environment

CBS This Morning

CBS This Morning broadcast a feature story on UVM's Wellness Environment, an innovative program that combines substance-free housing, mindfulness, exercise and a neuroscience course to promote healthy student behavior. Nearly one quarter of on-campus students are in the WE program.

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Millions of starfish are mysteriously dying, and now scientists think they know why

A team of UVM biologists made an important discovery about the mysterious wasting disease that is killing millions of sea stars on the West Coast.

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Reef fish become less aggressive after coral bleaching

A research team, including UVM scientist Nate Sanders, found that when water temperatures heat up for corals, fish "tempers" cool down, providing the first clear evidence that coral bleaching can trigger rapid change in the behavior of reef fish.This study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, was covered by a range of global media including 

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