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Please join us for the 7th Annual UVM Legislative Summit "Innovations in Education and Research for the Benefit of Vermont" at the University of Vermont's Larner College of Medicine on Thursday, November 21, 2019.  For more details, please contact Miriam Harrison, Office of University Relations, 802-656-2992 or



2019 UVM Legislative Summit Agenda

Past Legislative Summit Information

Powerpoints are viewable by clicking on presenter name links below.

2018 Legislative Summit

PDF iconOverview Summit

PDF iconSpotlight on Data and Metrics

PDF iconLiberal Arts in Prison Programs, Kathy Fox

PDF iconSpotlight on Community Economic Development

PDF icon2018 Legislative Summit Agenda

2017 Legislative Summit

2016 Legislative Summit

Health Services Delivery Research - A Primer FileDr. Ben Littenberg and Office presentation iconDr. Richard Wasserman

The Realities of Housing and Homelessness on the Healthcare System FileDr. Patricia Fisher and Ken Schatz

High Cost of Chronic Care:  What Can Policy Makers Do About It?  Office presentation iconAaron French, Eileen Girling and Dr. Tom Simpatico

The Yin and The Yang of Cannabis  Office presentation iconDr. Gregory Holmes and Dr. David Rettew

The Future of Opiates- A Road Map for Appropriate Use  Office presentation iconDr. Charlie MacLean

Fronteirs in Cardiovascular Medical Research  FileDr. David Warshaw and Dr. Peter Spector

2015 Legislative Summit

Will We Have Workers?  Labor Market Data on the Vermont Workforce PDF iconDr. Art Woolf and FileMathew Barewicz

Targeted Educational Investments:  Flexible Pathways to Postsecondary Education and the Workforce Office presentation iconDr. Tammy Kolbe and FileDr. Heather Bouchey

UVM Career Center:  Attracting and Retaining Young People for Vermont FileDr. Pamela K. Gardner and Mark Heyman

Current and Future Efforts to Improve Vermont's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Office presentation iconCairn CrossFilePatricia Moulton, and FileJo Bradley

People, Places and Capital- New Models and Infrastructure for Entrepreneurial Growth and Success FileDavid Bradbury, UVM '88 and FileRobert Miller, UVM '89

Harnessing the Power of Public Investment to Attract Private Investment FileFrank Cioffi, Dominic Cloud and Michael Pieciak

Marketing the Vermont Brand Office presentation iconDr. Jane Kolodinsky and FilePatricia Moulton

The Intersection of Higher Education, Private Sector and Government in Technology and Economic Development FileDr. Eric Monson and FileDr. John Evans

UVM's Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA:  Entrepreneurial, Check. But Why "Sustainable?"  FileDr. David A. Jones and FileChas P. Smith

Leveraging UVM Innovation into Private Companies  Office presentation iconDr. Jeffrey Marshall and FileHenry Schek

Setting Up a Business for Success:  Entrepreneurial Teaching - Education  Dr. Katheen Liang and FileLaurel Butler

Transportation System as a Key to Economic Development  FileDr. Glenn McRae and FileChris Cole and Jim Sullivan

Energy System Change for Economic Resilience in Vermont  FileDr. Jennie Stephens and Chris Recchia

Building Vermont's Advanced Manufacturing Infrastructure:  Opportunities and Best Practices  FileDr. Chris Koliba, Joan Goldstein, Brenan Riehl and Janette Bombardier

Cyberinfrastructure's Critical Role in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem  PDF iconDr. Patrick Clemins and Jim Porter

Tools to Advance Vermont's Innovative Culture  Dr. Corine Farewell

Maker Culture and Spaces  Office presentation iconDan Harvey and Office presentation iconDoug Webster

SPARK VT and LaunchVT:  What Are They and How Do They Work?  Office presentation iconEric Gagnon and FileKatie Taylor, Esq.

Growing Vermont's Food System  FileDr. Vern Grubinger and Chuck Ross



More Information

For general questions regarding the UVM Legislative Summit, please email Miriam Harrison or contact the Office of University Relations at 802-656-2992.