The University has a strong history of service in the community - as individual volunteers, and in fulfillment of our Land Grant mission.

The existing time release policy for service provides for flexibility in scheduling for community volunteering.  When using time during work hours to perform service, staff could use leave time (vacation) or flex time (with permission from their supervisor).  As with any time off, staff absences must be able to be reasonably covered to allow for operation of their department.  Volunteer activities performed by members of the same work unit may encourage team-building, but they must be voluntary in terms of participation.

Service opportunity listings are generated through the United Way of Northwest Vermont (UWNV) and non-profits in the community.


UVM's Time Release Policy for Community and Professional Service

The University recognizes the importance of volunteerism and values the time its employees spend in service to UVM and surrounding communities.  Volunteer work performed to support the University's mission and enhance community relations is encouraged.  Different types of volunteer service are recognized:

1.  UVM committees, governance groups such as Staff Council, the Traffic Board of Appeals, the Board of Trustees, etc.

2.  Professional service such as non-partisan service to the community, or one's professional organization, that is directly related to your job at UVM and your expertise in your job.

3.  Community Volunteer.  Service to the community that is not directly related to your job such as blood donor, volunteering at schools or non-profit organizations, etc.

Supervisors are encouraged to provide reasonable, paid release time for employees to serve in ways outlined in #1 and #2 above.  Flexibility in scheduling is also encouraged for service in the third category.  Volunteerism should be encouraged and supported at all levels.  (pages 21-22, UVM Staff Handbook, updated 2/23/2017)  Link:


Looking for volunteering opportunities?

Check out these volunteer listings from the United Way of Northwest Vermont.

In addition to many service hours provided, UVM has raised nearly $1.5 million as part of the UVM United Way Campaign over the past 11 years.


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