Pass/No Pass Policy for Spring 2020

Important Information for CNHS Students Considering P/NP

This page provides clarity and guidance addressing Provost Prelock’s email regarding Spring 2020 Academic Accommodations and how it impacts your CNHS degree requirements.

As you know, CNHS majors have progression requirements, in both GPA and specific grades needed for certain courses. Please read this page in its entirety to ensure that you understand CNHS guidance and requirements.

Prerequisites will continue to be enforced. That is, students will not progress in their programs without having satisfied pre-requisites for the following semester. To do otherwise would very clearly not be in students' best interests academically, as program curricula have been developed so that each semester builds on the previous semester's courses.

Additionally, you should take your required and core major courses for letter grades for the following reasons:

  • Some of our accrediting bodies drive our progression requirements in professional courses;
  • Strong acquisition of each course’s content drives pass rates on credentialing exam; this is very important, and helps ensure that your time and investment pay off in the way that you intend;
  • The graduate programs to which many students will apply prefer to see letter grades.

Here are the specifics for each major, and the courses with a grade requirement:

  • AT majors: Courses with an AT prefix need to be taken for letter grades.
  • CSD, EXSC, and HSCI majors: Students considering graduate programs will want to take classes for a letter grade, as graduate schools prefer letter grades over P/NP. That said, students may choose P/NP for any course this semester.
  • MLS majors: MLS 220, MLS 230, MLS 250, MLS 260 require letter grades. Other courses can be P/NP.
  • MRS majors: RADT 174, RADT 274, RADT 280 require letter grades. Other courses can be P/NP.
  • Nursing majors: PRNU and NURS prefix courses require a C+ or better. Other required courses require a C or better. Non-required courses require a P, D- or better.

That said, for students who earn a final grade below the requirement in a course, we recommend that you

  • consult Student Financial Services to discuss the financial implications of a P/NP choice and
  • convert that grade to a P by May 14, 2020 and
  • work with your advisor to develop a plan to repeat the course (if necessary) as soon as possible in order to progress in your major. Grades of P will not negatively impact your cumulative GPA and this is a benefit to you.

For questions regarding minor courses, please contact the minor department directly; we cannot speak to their requirements. Please remember, if there is anything you need, or if you are struggling in any way, tell your advisor. You may be surprised how much we can help – so please give us the opportunity.