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Use this form to request a section modality change. Before any changes are made in instructional modality, faculty members will make a formal request to the Provost’s office using this form; the form will be simultaneously submitted to the Chair and Dean via the email addresses identified below to inform them of the request. Faculty members making such requests will receive a formal response, normally within one week. If the request is not granted, the reason(s) will be stated as part of the formal response.

Any permanent requests for changes in teaching modality made as part of a formal request for a disability-related accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), must be identified as such by checking the box below. These requests will be coordinated by UVM ADA Coordinator Amber Fulcher; faculty should not provide details about any disabling condition here.

Please complete the following form to request a section modality change. Full plans for continuing to meet instructional responsibilities and communicating with students must be discussed with the chair if the change is approve; these should be briefly summarized on the form. If you are requesting this change for only selected sections, fill out a separate form for each section. If you are requesting a modality change for all of your courses, you may indicate that below.