The UVM Office of International Education and ISEP list chance of placement for each exchange site, which bear in mind both how many spaces are available and what the expected demand will be for that specific term. Chances of placement are subject to change from one semester to the next so we encourage students to remain flexible throughout the application process. The chance of placement rating applied to any program is only meant for reference; no applicant is guaranteed admission.

How to determine chances of placement

The chance of placement for each UVM Bilateral Exchange program is listed on the Overview tab of the GoAbroad program brochure. The chance of placement(s) listed will be specific to the upcoming term(s).

The chance of placement for each ISEP site can be found on ISEP’s program page for that specific institution. Students can read more about ISEP chance of placement here:

Chances of placement guide

Chances of placementDescription
ExcellentThis site usually has more placements available than the number of applicants requesting it. This site may have placements available for applicants who list it as an alternative choice or those who apply after the UVM deadline.
Very Good/GoodBetween Excellent and Fair, this site can usually accommodate the majority of applicants requesting it.
FairThis site can usually accommodate about half of the number of applicants requesting it.
Limited/Very LimitedThis site usually cannot accommodate all of the applicants requesting it. All spaces will be filled by the UVM deadline. Many applicants may be placed at one of their alternative choices or asked to consider other options.
ClosedThis site cannot accept any applicants for the specified term. Please apply to other sites.



  • When making placements, it is assumed that all sites listed on your application work for you academically and that you are willing, able, and happy to be placed at that site. While we work hard to grant as many first-choice placements as possible, we do need to look to alternatives each semester. Please be sure that all sites listed on your application work for you academically and are of serious interest to you.
  • It is UVM’s recommendation that students list three programs on their exchange application. On a UVM Bilateral Exchange application (within GoAbroad), students are able to list up to 5 bilateral exchange sites on their Host Site Request List form. On an ISEP application (via ISEP’s website), students are able to list up to 10 sites.
  • To increase your chance of placement at one of your requested sites, it is recommended that you include one program with “Good” (or better” chance of placement.
  • The final deadline for all programs are September 15 for spring semester and February 15 for summer, fall, and academic year. Most exchange sites (UVM Bilateral and ISEP) are filled by their application deadlines, August 10 for spring semester and January 10 for fall and academic year terms. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to apply by the exchange program deadlines. For more details about application deadlines visit our Application Deadlines and Eligibility page

Our promise

Our goal is to place students at one of their requested sites, and if unable to do so then we will work hard to identify an appropriate alternative site. For this reason, it is essential that you review your preferred site’s academic and language proficiency requirements. If you do not meet a site’s requirements, then your chances of being placed will be limited.

To confirm eligibility requirements for UVM Bilateral Exchange programs, visit the GoAbroad program brochure for your desired site and refer to the “Eligibility” tab. To confirm eligibility requirements for ISEP programs, visit the ISEP website.