Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a survey, quiz, and poll solution available through our Office 365 license.

MS Forms is effective for creating a quick, mobile-friendly survey, but does not replace the features available in Limesurvey. For token management, anonymous response collection, or enhanced branching and access control, see our article on LimeSurvey – a flexible and powerful survey tool.

Microsoft Forms is Not Suitable for HIPAA Protected Data

Log into Microsoft Forms

Microsoft offers substantial documentation on using the software, including:

  1. Creating a New Form
  2. Sending Out a Form to Collect Responses
  3. Sharing with a Collaborator
  4. Viewing and Sharing Form Results
  5. Adjusting your Form Settings, Including:
    1. Who can respond, and how
    2. Start and End Dates
    3. Question Shuffling
    4. Email Notification on New Response
  6. Adding and Customizing Basic Branching
  7. Frequently Asked Questions


Updated on March 30, 2020

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