Guidelines on Drupal website creation

UVM's Drupal platform is not self help / self publishing like the "old" Magicscript platform was. There is an intensive review process required before a site lauches and all publishers in Drupal must complete an accessibiltiy training course before we will launch the website. Is Drupal right for your website needs? Read on.

I am an official UVM department or organization with a dedicated web master.

We want the university's most visible departments and organizations to be hosted on our Drupal platform. Sites receive the UVM branding and web editors benefit from a weekly lab for in-person support as well as and online documentation. Users of the Drupal templates receive access to any new features that are added to our templates and automatically receive any design changes.

I had a website on magicscript.

This does not mean that you should have a website on Drupal. Part of our Drupal migration has been a plan to fine-tune and condense all of the many satellite websites that existed in magicscript. UVM has officially moved away from the idea that anyone interested in hosting a website on the main UVM web platform can do so. We're here to help you realize the best way to thoughtfully place your web content where there can be more eyes on it. And it is required that it have an owner and will get updated regularly.

I need to build a website for my class.

  • If you have the need to work in any number of programmatic languages, explore the UVM Silk hosting service. We offer a standalone template that will offer the UVM branding (header-logo-footer) on your silk web space. Contact the web team for more details.
  • Build a website on Wordpress.

I'm in need of a web presence in order to feature research, creative work, or a university initiative that's not necessarily a major department unto itself

Personal web presences, small research websites or smaller university initiatives that aren't affiliated with a larger department can be hosted by UVM's blog platform —, which is currently going through a redesign. This is a self-help platform. You can publish your website as quickly as you can build it.

But before you build that website, we have found that many UVM affiliates feel that they need a standalone website when a page or two would actually suffice. There are many opportunities for including your lab or creative work on your department Drupal presence via your faculty profile page or on a dedicated page within your home department Drupal group. By incorporating your work into an existing website, you have the added bonus of all of the visitors to the parent website potentially seeing and learning about your research/lab, you benefit from your home unit's marketing efforts, and you have the support of your trained departmental webmaster.

Regularly, we receive website group requests for a faculty research website that merely repeats all of the content on a faculty profile. In a case like this, one could add the specific projects, students working in the lab, any other relevant information to the faculty profiles themselves and spare the additional webspace. We are also in the process of redesigning and enhancing these profiles.

If you are part of a large central research endeavor or a major research center and have a dedicated web person, Drupal may be the place for your website.


I'm hosting an event.

Drupal is not the space for event websites. The turnaround is not fast enough given the training you have to do and the review we have to do. There's also no way that an individual can unpublish a website. We always recommend that when looking for a space in which to share event info, they work with their home department to have a page created for the duration of the event.

I am a student and I need to build a website for my UVM club.

All UVM clubs must have a UVM Clubs Lynx presence. In some circumstances, there may be a need for a larger web presence than what the Lynx platform offers. If you feel that your club falls into this category (note that most do not), you can reach out to Cody Silfies ( and Efe Cimrin ( who will work with the Web Team to find the right direction for your club — whether that's a unique Drupal group, or a page within an existing/affiliated Drupal group.

Because of the long-term commitment of obtaining a Drupal group, we cannot issue Drupal groups to students. If it's detemined that a club needs a Drupal group, only faculty and staff mentors can apply for Drupal groups for clubs.

I have specific programmatic needs that cannot be supported by the UVM blog platform or Drupal

UVM's Silk hosting service, supported by ETS, provides this programmatic flexibility for a variety of web editors. Get started with UVM Silk hosting service. Web editors on Silk usually have some pretty advanced technical skills.

I have a need to share documents and have them be password protected.

Sharepoint is the university's preferred platform for secure document sharing and collaboration on the web. The platform is self-help, but there is a great deal of education  available to UVM affiliates via

Drupal Website Exception Request

If you believe your website should be in Drupal, but there are technical reasons preventing it, please fill out the Drupal Website Exception Form.


No matter the platform, you're still responsible for your site's accessibility.

Please use the resources we've pulled together on web accessibility. Online accessibility training is required in order to launch your Drupal site.


Yes, Drupal is right for my website.

If you read this and still feel this is the right route for you, request a group.