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About UVM Accounts and Access

Welcome to the University of Vermont!

You’re likely to have many questions regarding your new UVM account. This article is intended to provide clarification around some of the terminology used at UVM as well as information related to getting started with your UVM account.

What is a Student ID Number?

A Student ID Number (a.k.a. 95 number) is a numeric value used to identify an individual’s records within UVM’s academic and administrative systems. Your Student ID Number begins with the numbers “95” and is nine digits in length.

Student ID Numbers were developed to reduce the use of Social Security numbers where possible in academic and administrative records. Among other uses, Student ID Numbers are used when activating or resetting NetID accounts and passwords.

What is a NetID?

A UVM NetID is a single username with a corresponding password that provides access to the myUVM Portal, UVM’s wireless network, the UVM email and calendar system, Application Status Page, Blackboard and other UVM systems and services. You can also use your NetID to access computer labs across campus.

A NetID is composed of up to eight letters/numbers based on your last name and initials.

For example, the NetID “jshmoe” would belong to Joe Shmoe.

How do I activate my NetID account?

A UVM office will notify you when it’s time to activate your NetID.

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to activate your NetID account.

Admission applicants who have been admitted to the University or have filed a financial aid application with outstanding documents, as well as new Faculty and Staff members, will need to activate their NetID account.

NetID accounts can be activated here: https://account.uvm.edu/netid-setup

To activate a NetID account, you will need the following information:


  • Student ID Number
  • Date of Birth

Faculty and Staff:

  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth

How do I reset or change my NetID password?

Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

Errors have been reported when using Internet Explorer to reset or change a NetID password. Please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Students, Faculty and Staff members are able to reset or change their NetID password by visiting https://uvm.edu/account

To change a NetID password, you will need to know your current UVM NetID password

To reset a forgotten NetID password, you will need the following information:


  • Student ID Number
  • Date of Birth

Faculty and Staff:

  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth

How do I find my NetID?

Upon successful activation of your UVM account, your NetID is displayed. If you’ve activated your account but are unsure of what your NetID is, you can find it in the following locations:

Admissions Applicants (Admitted or Financial Aid Applicants with Outstanding Documents):

As an Admitted Student, your NetID is displayed within the Application Status Page.

Current Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Navigate to the UVM Directory and search for your first and last name. Your NetID will appear in the results.

All Affiliates:

If the above options do not return any results, you can always contact the UVM Help Line for assistance with locating your NetID.

  • Email: helpline@uvm.edu
  • Phone: 802-656-2604

Where can I find my Student ID Number?

Student ID Numbers can be found in two different places depending on your current affiliation with the University:

Admissions Applicants:

Your Student ID Number can be found in the Application Status Page.

Current Students:

Your Student ID Number can be found in the myUVM portal, under the Registrar tab. Look for the “View your 95 number” link.

What is my UVM email account?

Current Students, Admitted Students who have paid their enrollment fee, Faculty, and Staff gain access to their UVM email accounts after activating their NetIDs.

Your UVM email address is associated with your NetID, for example, jshmoe@uvm.edu. Each email account also has an email alias based on your first and last name, for example; Joe.Shmoe@uvm.edu. Email sent to either of these addresses will be delivered to your UVM email account.

UVM uses your uvm.edu address for official correspondence, so don’t miss out.

What is a CATCard?

Your CATCard, a.k.a your UVM Photo ID, provides you access to your privileges, meal plans, door access to Res Halls and the UVM debit account known as CAT$cratch.

Updated on January 11, 2019

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