We have been called to recognize, center, and affirm the inequities in both the availability and accessibility of mental wellbeing resources for Black, Brown, and QTBIPOC students at the University of Vermont. 

With the creation of this resource the inaction of simply hearing turns into genuinely listening to impacted community members. Our hope with this resource is to validate the gap between knowing the resources and feeling as if you have the agency to move towards thriving with these services.

On-Campus Resources

UVM has a variety of resources from clinical mental health services and workshops within Counseling and Psychiatry Services to the Interfaith Center and the Mosaic Center for Students of Color that offer holistic and community healing.

Counseling, Mental Health, and Mental Wellbeing

Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

Phone and after hours: (802) 656-3340

Health and Wellbeing Education and Outreach @ Living Well

  • Can provide equity-informed and racially-aware programming and services on wellbeing and substance use supports/education.
  • Can assist in coordination and connection to other supportive services.
  • Offers Mental Health First Aid and other mental health workshops


  • Submit a CARE form if you are concerned about an UVM community member.

Substance Use Resources

Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

Phone and after hours: (802) 656-3340

  • Request a clinician who specializes in substance use counseling.

Student Health Services: Jan Shamberger, MACP, LADC

Phone: (802) 656-3350

  • Provide assessment, intervention, education, short term counseling, and referrals for students experiencing substance misuse and mental health issues.
  • Support students with stress management and adjustment to college life.
  • Assist students who are struggling with sleep issues.

Catamount Recovery Program

Email: recovery@uvm.edu 

  • An inclusive and equity-informed collegiate supportive recovery community at UVM.
  • Can provide opportunity to start reflective process around relationship with substances.
  • You do not have to identify as someone in recovery to reach out.

Center for Health and Wellbeing Substance Use Team

Other Resources

Student Health Services

Phone: (802) 656-3340

  • Can provide access to services and supports for physical, mental, behavioral, and sexual health.
  • Can assist in coordination and connection to other supportive services.

HOPE Works

Phone: (802) 863-1236


  • Campus advocate offering services and supports (crisis counseling, advocacy, and more) on and off campus for those whose lives have been affected by sexual violence.
  • 24/7 Crisis Hotline and online chat line for sexual violence survivors and their loved ones.

Interfaith Center

Phone: (802) 656-4703
Email: Laura.Engelken@uvm.edu 

  • Focuses on personal sustainability/resilience and a matter of diversity and equity.
  • Creates opportunities for spiritual practice, community, etc. Involves addressing individual access, cultural visibility, and institutional structures (e.g., religious accommodations in academics). The aim is for people to be able to bring their full selves to their studies, work, and lives at UVM – including their religious or philosophical identity. For many students of color, the strengths of “spiritual capital” is often a neglected part of the community cultural wealth they possess.

Mosaic Center for Students of Color

Phone: (802) 656-3819

  • Student center and space designated to the personal growth and overall positive development of self-identified QTBIPOC students at UVM.
  • Hosts weekly drop-in conversations with identity-affirming counselors.
  • Can assist in coordination and connection to other supportive services.

UVM Office of Student and Community Relations

Phone: (802) 656-9405

  • Offers support for students living off-campus, including resources related to food insecurity, housing insecurity, and renters' rights. 
  • Maintains a webpage with community resources

Prism Center

Phone: (802)-656-8637

  • Student center and space designated to support and empower students who hold the identities of LGBTQ, as well as students whose identities fall in between and expand these identities.
  • Hosts weekly drop-in conversations with identity-affirming counselors. 
  • Can assist in coordination and connection to other supportive services.

Student Accessibility Services

Phone: (802) 656-7753

  • Student services center designated to support and empower students who hold live with a learning, emotional, mental, and/or mental disability.
  • Can assist in coordination and connection to other supportive services and related to academic needs.

UVM Women and Gender Equity Center

Phone: (802) 656-7892

  • Student services center designated to provide advocacy services for those who have experienced sexual or intimate partner violence and to explore the intersections of gender and other identities while providing advocacy support and other services.
  • Hosts weekly drop-in conversations with identity-affirming counselors.
  • Can assist in coordination and connection to other supportive services

Food Insecurity Resources for UVM Students

  • On- and off-campus resources to help students experiencing food insecurity. 

Connecting Cultures

Phone: (802) 656-2661

  • Community resource dedicated to serving and providing mental health and social worker case management services to those who hold the identifier status of refugee, immigrant, and/or asylum seeker.
  • Can assist in coordination and connection to other supportive services.



Off-Campus Resources

Within Vermont there are resources that center Black, Brown and QTBIPOC students and community members on their mental wellbeing journey outside of UVM.

Mental Health Crisis

Vermont Suicide Prevention Center’s Crisis Text Line

Text VT to 741741 

  • Can provide in the moment crisis support.
  • Can coordinate help from emergency services.

Steve Fund Crisis Text Line: Support for QTBIPOC youth and young adults

Text STEVE to 741741 

  • The Steve Fund is dedicated to the mental health and emotional well-being QTBIPOC young people.
  • The Steve Fund has created ​a special keyword, STEVE, that young people of color can text to 741741 to connect with a trained crisis counselor 24/7

The Trevor Project: Support for LGBTQ youth and young adults

Call TrevorLifeline: (866) 488-7386
Text TrevorText: 
START to 678-678

  • Leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25 24/7.
  • Offers phone, text, chat, and other supports. 

First Call for Chittenden County

Phone: (802) 488-7777

  • Crisis support line and assessment.
  • Able to respond over the phone and in person.
  • Can also meet folks at UVMMC.

Pathways Vermont Support Line

Phone or text: (833) 888-2557

  • Can provide supportive conversations with peers related to feelings of sadness, loneliness, isolation, anger, or depression.
  • Can help coordinate higher levels of care.

Vermont Crisis Text Line

Text VT to 741741

  • Free and available 24/7. Within five minutes, you'll get a text back, followed by a response from a trained crisis counselor.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Phone: (800) 273-TALK (8255)/ TTY (800)-799-4TTY (4889)

  • If you are experiencing suicidal ideations, wanting to hurt yourself, and/or in emotional distress, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can put you in touch with help. 


The following are mental health counselors who either self-identify or have been identified by others as BIPOC. Search for these providers online to learn more about them and for their contact information and process for accepting new clients.

  • Neera B.K., MA (Counselor of Riverstone Counseling Services)
  • Alyssa Brown, LICSW
  • Natasha Chang, Rostered Psychotherapist
  • Brian Cina, LICSW
  • Marissa Coleman, PsyD
  • Tia Ganguly, MS (Vermont Works for Life, LLC)
  • Vicki Garrison, EdD, MS, LCMHC
  • Towanda Geary, RN, BSN, MA
  • Nicholas Hunter, Clinical Psychologist
  • Zachary Key, MA, LCMHC
  • Genevieve King, MA
  • Raquel Ferns Lefebve, MA, Licensed Psychologist
  • Bhuttu Mathews, MA

Substance Use

Phoenix House

Phone: 1-800-378-4435

  • Provides a continuum of supports for people experiencing addiction. Services include telehealth programming with interdisciplinary professionals and licensed clinicians.
  • Residential programming with the RISE program centering strengths-based and community building approaches; there are eligibility criteria for entering these residential programs:
    • Burlington Men’s RISE program
    • Brattleboro Women’s & Men’s RISE program
    • Bellows Falls Men’s RISE program
    • Barre Men’s RISE program

Oxford House

Phone: 1-800 689-6411

  • Self-help sober group housing for adults navigating recovery from substance use disorder.
  • Adults in recovery who are employed.
  • Two self-run houses in Burlington for male- and female-identifying members.

Lund Family Center, Treatment Program and Services

Phone: (802) 864-7467 or (800) 639-1741

  • Services are available to adolescent and young adult service users navigating the journey of recovery, substance use issues, and mental health challenges.
  • Outpatient treatment services are available to both men and women, who are either pregnant or actively parenting.
  • Residential programming and services of support around substance use and mental wellness are available to service users who identify as mothers.

Riverstone Counseling Services

Phone: (802) 864-7423 x310

  • Services provided and specialized to serve young adults and adults ages 12-30 and their families.
  • Skilled service provision through a culturally and racially aware lens for mental health and substance use issues.

Community Wellbeing

Community Health Centers of Burlington

Phone: (802) 864-6309

  • Sliding scale mental health, medical, and dental care and assistance applying for health insurance
  • Be You Clinic for LGBTQ+ Health Care: identity and life experience affirming health care directly in the community that ranges from primary care support all the way to mental wellness support at the Riverside Health Center

Pride Center of Vermont

  • Intersectional and representational affirming programming, events and services 
  • Provides comprehensive programming, events and services to LGBTQ+ community members who reside in Vermont.
  • Offers a variety of health services, including free, confidential HIV testing, group movement (dance, walking, hiking, biking, etc.) and support in accessing cancer screenings, tobacco cessation, free menstrual products, and more. 

Vermont Center for Independent Living

  • Community organization that lifts up those with the identity of having or holding a disability.
  • Dr. Sefakor Kamabu-Pomeyle, a disability rights activist, educator, and woman of color, works with the Youth Transition Program. She is able to provide workshops and leadership opportunities to students with disabilities. Reach out to at sefakor@vcil.org

Clemmons Family Farm

  • The Clemmons Family Farm is not only a historic staple in Vermont it is [our] lived and embodied legacy. As a resource it serves as an example of historical perseverance, community healing, and thriving. Visiting either the virtual site or traveling to the farm itself can provide much guidance and support in one’s journey of wellbeing.

VT APIDA for Black Lives

  • This is a virtual affinity space on Facebook for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA)-identified community members in Vermont to heal and thrive together.
  • To learn more about and/or get connected to this group contact the group administrator at tripdub@gmail.com

Religious and Spiritual Organizations

First Congregational Church UCC of Burlington

Email: info@firstchurchburlington.org

  • First Church embraces a wide spectrum of theological perspectives and is non-hierarchical in church ministry and mission.
  • It supports full participation of every person in the life of the church — no matter who they may be by virtue of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, social location, physical, or cognitive ability.

Islamic Society of Vermont (ISVT) 

Facebook: Islamic Society of Vermont

  • A home for the Muslim community in Vermont, ISVT offers a full range of religious and spiritual practices as well as a tight-knit community from around the world.

New Alpha Missionary Baptist Church

  • New Alpha Missionary Baptist Church is a friendly and welcoming setting of spiritual worship. It has become a staple of support and healing for many Black-identified community members.

Vermont Hindu Temple

  • The Vermont Hindu Temple was started by Bhutanese Nepali refugees who have made Burlington their home. This group cultivates a space to celebrate Hindu philosophy and practice, as well as welcoming others into a warm and generous environment of worship.

Emergency Housing

Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS) Organization

COTS Waystation

Phone: (802) 862-7776
Address: 187 Church St. Burlington, VT 05401

  • Overnight shelter for single adults. Must be sober/substance use-free. (Hours- 6 pm to 6 am)

COTS Family Shelters

Phone: (802) 864-2651
Address: Main St. & Firehouse 24/7

  • Overnight shelter for families with children. Families only.

COTS Daystation

Phone: (802) 862-5418
Address: 179 S. Winooski Ave. Burlington, VT 05401

  • Daytime meals, services and access to resources for individuals experience homelessness or transitioning between housing situations.
  • Day services only, not a shelter. Must be sober/substance-use free. (Hours- 9 am to 5 pm)

Anew Place

Phone: (802) 862-9879
Address: 89 North St. Burlington, VT 05401 

  • Overnight shelter for single adults. Must be sober/substance use free.

Spectrum One Stop Overnight Shelter

Phone: (802) 864-7423
Address: 177 Pearl St. Burlington, VT 05401

  • Temporary shelter for homeless or transient youth/those in-between housing ages 16-21 only. 24/7.

Support for Healthy Relationships

Steps to End Domestic Violence

Phone: (802) 658-1996

  • Variety of services available for people who are experiencing domestic violence, including safety planning, emotional support, assessment for eligibility for emergency housing, crisis intervention, educational information and community resources.
  • Overnight shelter for female victims of intimate partner violence & abuse. Must be homeless as a result of domestic violence, or be in imminent danger. Women and children only. 24/7

Planned Parenthood

Phone: (802) 863-6326

  • Provides services and supports (sexual health education, health care needs, and more) for those in need, with or without insurance.
  • Located in Burlington, VT


Virtual Resources

There are many virtual resources that center and validate Black, Brown, and QTBIPOC mental wellbeing. We hope these choices assist you in thriving.

Counseling and Mental Health

Several sites exist to help find equity-informed and racially-aware counselors. This section also includes several resources that help Black people pay for counseling. 

Psychology Today

  • Search engine for locating therapists, counselors, and mental health service providers near where you live.

Mental Health Resources for Young People of Color

The Summit Wellness Group created a resource list of 61 BIPOC Substance Use and Mental Wellbeing Resources. This virtual resource list is broken down by demographic and social identity grouping and even provides intersecting options as well: https://thesummitwellnessgroup.com/resources/bipoc-resources/ 

Detox Local is a virtual resource site and hub that offers a variety of resources. One of the main services is searching for your local detox center that is functions through an ethical and affirming lens. Another resource offered by Detox Local is a link of AAPI (Asian-American and Pacific Islander) directed resource list. This resource list also includes intersecting options for other identity groups as well: https://www.detoxlocal.com/resources/aapi-addiction-mental-health/

Substance Use

Financial Literacy

Resources to assist with financial needs and to shrink the wealth gap in our society. Includes scholarships for Black/African-American Students and for Latino/a/x and Hispanic students. 

Scholarships for Black and African American students

Scholarships for Latino/a/x  and Hispanic students

Financial Guru: Scholarship Hacks