Most primary care and mental health services provided by the Center for Health & Wellbeing are covered by the UVM Health Fee

If You Have the UVM Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Many services that are NOT covered by the student Health Fee are covered at 100% if the student has insurance coverage from UVM SHIP. This includes lab costs and orthopedic supplies.

UVM Psychiatry is covered at 100% for the initial visit and 80% for additional visits--the remaining 20% is charged to the student or the student's account.

Immunizations and Travel Clinic visits are not covered by the Health Fee or UVM SHIP, and those expenses are charged to the student or the student's account.

If You Have Another Health Insurance Plan

While the UVM Health Fee covers basic care, the student—or the student's insurance plan—is financially responsible for any services provided beyond that basic level of care. If a student has insurance coverage other than UVM SHIP, we will not know about a student's level of coverage; this is up to the student to determine.

Some facts for students who have other (non-UVM SHIP) insurance coverage:

  • We do not verify coverage or benefits.
  • It is the student's responsibility to contact her/his insurance company to see if services are covered by the insurance policy.
  • It is also the student's responsibility to see if preauthorization is required prior to the visit.
  • The Center for Health & Wellbeing (including Student Health) is not a participating provider for any outside insurance plan.
  • We do not bill insurance companies directly.
  • We are not responsible for unauthorized or non-covered charges.
  • It is the student's responsibility to submit a claim to her/his insurance company once a visit takes place. We are happy to provide a receipt or walkout statement that describes the charges at any time.
  • Expenses not covered by the Student Health Fee include UVM Psychiatry visits, UVM Travel Clinic visits, immunizations, orthopedic supplies and lab work.

Information for Medical Students

Medical Students who have questions about health coverage should consult the Personal Wellness section of the Medical Student Handbook.

Medical students who require urgent or acute primary medical care while on rotation in Maine, Connecticut, or Florida may be eligible to have a portion of their medical bills paid for by CHWB. Please see the Medical Student Handbook for full details.

How to Get Your Account Summary (Billing Statement)

Account summaries are available 3-5 business days after each visit. To view or print yours, follow these steps:

  • Sign on to Mywellbeing.
  • Select "Account Summary" from the menu.
  • All your visits over the past 12 months will be listed.
  • Select View/Print to see a detailed billing statement.

Still Have Questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact, 802-656-0602, or make an appointment with our Insurance Specialist at Mywellbeing.

Billing questions should be directed to