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 Food insecurity is when you don’t have consistent access to enough food. 

Recent surveys at UVM show that one in five students have been food insecure within the past year. If you need help getting food or want to learn more about food insecurity the following resources can help.

On-Campus Resources

Swipe Out Hunger

This program is intended to help connect students facing food insecurity with food on campus. If you are experiencing financial difficulties and can’t afford meals Swipe Out Hunger offers short-term help until you are connected with sustainable funding or other resources. Students may qualify for up to 100 retail points per academic year to purchase food from any dining location at UVM. Enrollment each semester is limited and based on the honor system.

If you submit a request it will be fulfilled if you do not have an active meal plan with adequate resources. This is defined as fewer than $50 value on your CatCard. This program serves students living off-campus without meal plans, including graduate and medical students, as well as students on the Retail/Flex plan who have run out of points and swipes.

Facing financial difficulties and need meal points?

Click here to apply for points

  • Step 1: Fill out this short request form, which will get submitted to the UVM Meal Plan Office. 
  • Step 2: If approved, within 24 business hours 100 Retail Points will get added to your CatCard. You will receive an email once this happens. 
  • Step 3: Redeem their points at any UVM Dining location

Want to help?

Meal donation drives take place in the dining halls at the end of each semester.  Students can donate one guest meal swipe each semester, which will be converted into retail points to go to students in need.


Contact Contact Nicole Reilly, UVM Dining Sustainability & Campus Partnership Manager,  Nicole.Reilly@uvm.edu.

Rally Cat’s Cupboard

We're moving! During this transition we're operating as a pop-up. See below for how to find out where pop-ups will take place. 

Hours: Thursdays 1-3 or by appointment. 

Follow @rallycatscupboard on Facebook and Instagram for more information. Direct message on social media or email cupboard@uvm.edu to set up another time to get items. 

The Interfaith Center, Mosaic Center for Students of Color, Prism Center, and Women and Gender Equity Center also house smaller food pantries for the students they serve.

Want to help?

Donations to Rally Cat’s Cupboard are always welcome. Contact cupboard@uvm.edu if you are interested in volunteering or making a food donation. To make a financial donation to Rally Cat’s Cupboard visit the secure donation page.

Off-Campus Food and Social Services Resources

Office of Student and Community Relations

Food Pantries

Get Help Affording Food

Farmers Markets and Farm Shares

If You Are Pregnant or Have Dependents

  • Vermont WIC: Provides nutritional education, breastfeeding support, and access to benefits for healthy foods to people who are pregnant or have children under 5.

Housing, Heating, and Weatherization

  • CVOEO, the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity: Offers help with housing/rent, utility costs, and food. CVOEO's safety net programs can help lower other costs of living so you have more money for food.

Food Insecurity Working Group and Research


Nicole Reilly, MS RD
UVM Dining Sustainability & Campus Partnership Manager