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You are an important part of our campus community.  UVM fosters an enviroment that allows students to explore identity, succeed at academic life, and actively build the campus culture that benefits our entire community. 

Below you’ll find a short guide to the most important information you’ll need regarding health forms, deadlines, insurance and the Center for Health and Wellbeing services that are available to you.  Learn about opportunities to engage in radical self-care, connect with resources, and progress towards a fulfilling college experience.

Immunizations and Health History

All immunization and health history forms, as well as the directions for completing them, are available through the MyWellbeing health portal. 

Step 1: Have your provider complete and sign the UVM Immunization Form

  • The Green and Gold promise requirements are a University requirement, NOT a State requirement.  Flu vaccinations will be tracked separately than compliance immunizations.  Student Health Services will not start administering the flu vaccine until September 1st at the earliest.

Step 2: Enter the dates of your immunizations online via MyWellbeing

  • Log in using your NetID & Password > Forms > Online Immunization Form > complete each field
  • Stay logged in to MyWellbeing and continue to Step 3

Step 3: Upload your signed UVM Immunization Form (required by VT law)

  • Select Add Immunization Record (after form field 21)

For more information see our Immunization Requirements Information and FAQ page.

Note: The Green and Gold Promise requirement regarding the influenza vaccination is a University recommendation and not a requirement from the State of Vermont.  Flu vaccinations will be tracked separately from compliance immunizations.  Student Health Services will not start administering the flu vaccine until at least September 1.


You must also complete and submit your health insurance/waiver form. This is required even if you do not select University of Vermont insurance. More information about insurance options is available here

If You Are Under 18

If you will be under 18 on August 1st, your parent or guardian must download and complete this Treating Minors Consent Form (PDF).

More information on the Treatment of Minors Policy.

NCAA Student Athletes

Varsity athletes complete the Annual Athlete Health Form on MyWellbeing and a physical exam from Athletic Medicine. Athletic Medicine communicates directly with NCAA athletes.

Larner College of Medicine Students

All incoming Larner College of Medicine students must complete their AAMC Standardized Immunization Form, have it signed by their primary care provider, and submit the form and all supporting documentation by July 1 of the the student's matriculation year to: 

UVM Center for Health and Wellbeing
LCOM Immunization/Serology Compliance
425 Pearl St., Burlington, VT 05401 

You can also scan and upload your information as a single PDF document and submit it via filetransfer.uvm.edu to shsqna@uvm.edu.  Do not submit a photograph of the form. 

Ongoing Medical Care

Student Health Services serves as your primary campus health provider and provides a full range of medical care options for prevention, wellbeing, and to help you when you are sick or injured.

Student Health Services has a main clinic at 425 Pearl St. and sattelite clinics at Living Well at the Davis Center and other locations across campus.

More about Student Health Services

Ongoing Mental Health Care

Counseling and Psychiatry Services (CAPS) provides a brief model of counseling, drop-in counseling, group counseling, and workshops. 

CAPS has two primary locations, Redstone and Jacobs House, with additional options at Living Well in the Davis Center.  CAPS also partners with UVM Identity Centers to provide accessible drop-in counseling.

More about Counseling and Psychiatry Services

Health Promotion

Staff from CAPS, Student Health and Outreach collaborate to bring you programs that support radical self-care and wellbeing.

Connect with all of our integrated sercices and programs by visiting Living Well in The Davis Center. 

More about Living Well in The Davis Center

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Center for Health and Wellbeing
Immunization Compliance
425 Pearl St. 
Burlington, VT 05401
Fax: (802) 656-9350
Email: immunizationcompliance@uvm.edu