Due to the rapidly evolving university response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Center for Health and Wellbeing Services may continue to change in the coming days.  Please see our Updated Services COVID-19 page.


Office Hours:

Monday - Wednesday: 8:00am - 7:00pm (Extended hours from 4:30pm - 7:00pm may vary.)

Thursday: 10:00am - 4:30pm

Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Location: 425 Pearl Street (Corner of Pearl and South Prospect)

Locate our office online: uvm.edu/map

Appointments: 802-656-3350

Call for an appointment or to speak to a nurse.
Our services are provided by appointment only.
If you schedule an appointment and are unable to make your appointment please call to cancel.

Primary Care

We offer a full spectrum of primary care health services, including treatment of:

  • Infections (ie sore throat, cold & flu, urinary tract infections)
  • Illnesses & symptoms (ie abdominal pain, fatigue, rashes)
  • Injuries (ie sprains, wounds, concussions)
  • Chronic or recurrent health issues (ie asthma, migraines, diabetes, acne, or celiac)
  • Screening and prevention (physical exams, health risk assessments, vaccinations)
  • Sexual health care (ie STI tests, pap smears, contraception)
  • Gender specific health care for male, female, and transgender students
  • Medical Management of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD or eating disorders (often coordinated with our CAPS colleagues for interdisciplinary care)

Your Primary Campus Provider (PCP)

We assign all incoming students a PCP (Primary Campus Provider) so you will have an ongoing relationship with the same provider.  Whenever possible, we will schedule you to see your PCP when you call for an appointment. Your PCP is someone you can turn to with health questions, either in the context of an appointment or via our secure messaging system.

If desired, switching PCPs is simply a matter of speaking to our front desk staff or making a request during an appointment.

Student Health Services Satellite Clinics

Women's Health

We provide gynecology services:

  • Contraception pills, patch and ring; depo-provera injections; IUD referrals; diaphragm fittings and pregnancy prevention counseling & services
  • Emergency Contraception information and/or prescription
  • Pregnancy testing, nonjudgmental discussion of management options, and necessary referrals
  • Confidential screening for and management of sexually transmitted infections (STI's)
  • Evaluation following unwanted sexual experience or assault
  • Evaluation and treatment of genital lesions, vaginal symptoms, and problems related to menstruation

Cancer prevention and screening:

  • HPV vaccine information and immunization
  • Pap smears available
  • Breast exams and mammography referrals available

We encourage students to meet with their primary campus provider (PCP) for these and any health related issues. Appointments can be made by phoning clinic at 656-3350.

Men's Health

We provide primary medical care and education to male students regarding a wide variety of health issues. Our health care providers are trained to address health conditions that disproportionately affect men as well as those specific to biologically male bodies.

Cancer prevention and screening:

  • HPV vaccine information and immunization
  • Testicular and prostate exams

Student Health Services encourages you to call to schedule an appointment at 656-3350 for these or any health related concerns.

Transgender Health

Student Health serves all students, including those who identify under the umbrella of queer identities, including: transgender, gender non-conforming, gender fluid, and non-binary. We recognize that transgender students are sometimes hesitant to access health care, so we work hard to create and maintain a space where students can ask questions, get answers, and get compassionate health care in a supportive environment.

We collaborate with the trans student to offer full spectrum care: to address acute, chronic and preventative health care needs, as well as services related to students who wish to transition. The primary care providers at SHS can initiate or continue prescription hormones, provide appropriate follow-up, and refer to specialists knowledgeable in gender transition as needed/preferred. We, along with our CAPS colleagues, believe it is important to provide ongoing support and primary care services with respect and knowledge of the medical and emotional issues unique to transitioning.