Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides primary care at the University of Vermont using a primary care model for health care designed to increase your access to comprehensive, patient-centered care and resources to help you thrive inside and outside the classroom. 

You can get a full spectrum of primary care services at Student Health, including help with infections, illnesses, injuries, chronic health issues, medication management, screening and prevention, mental health management, flu shot clinics, and more.

All students can use Student Health Services, regardless of their health insurance. You do not need to have health insurance through UVM to use Student Health Services and most care is covered by the Student Health fee. 

Behavioral Health

two white speech bubbles on a black background

Sleep, substance misuse and stress management support, and short-term mental health support.

More information on behavioral health

Cold and Flu

white stethoscope and medical cross on a green background

Get a flu shot and tips for staying healthy or taking care of yourself if you get the cold or flu.

More Information about the Cold and Flu


Identify signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and learn about processes and policies at UVM. 

More information about COVID-19 for Students

Eating Disorder and Body Image Support

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In partnership with Counseling and Psychiatry Services, address issues related to body image and eating disorders.

More information on eating disorder and body image support

Gender-Affirming and Transgender Healthcare

The transgender logo superimposed over a health cross

Full spectrum care for students who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, gender fluid, and non-binary.

More information on gender-affirming healthcare

Nutrition Services

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Get nutritional support and advice from our Registered Dietitian.

More information on nutrition services

Sexual and Reproductive Health

graphic of a condom and IUD

Reproductive health services, STI tests, pap smears, contraception, and more.

More information on sexual and reproductive health services

Allergy Clinic

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Continue your ongoing allergy shots while at UVM.

More information about the Allergy Clinic

Athletic Medicine

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Medical care for varsity student athletes.

More information on Athletic Medicine