• What do you draw upon to make meaning of your life?

    Making Connections

    UVM's Interfaith Center hosts a number of programs throughout the year to bring people together and encourage conversation. See our programs and events.

We all have a need to make meaning of our lives and find answers to the big questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What's my relationship with that which is beyond me?

Each of us engages those questions differently, perhaps through a religious tradition, philosophy, or spiritual practice. No matter how you make meaning of your life, you are welcome at the Interfaith Center for reflection, spiritual practice, education, and community building.

Our Space

Finding your path

Our space is a perfect location to hold an event or find a spot for prayer, meditation, or quiet reflection.

Programs & Events

Putting Feet to Faith: Spirituality & Social Justice storytelling event

There's always something happening at the Interfaith Center.  See our Programs & Events.


The Interfaith Center is located at 400 South Prospect Street

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