We are here to help you cut back or quit nicotine, tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs whenever you are ready.  Below are a variety of resources to help you make the choices that support your health and wellbeing.

If you're trying to support a friend we've got you covered, too. 

UVM On-Campus and In-Person Resources

  • Kick the Habit: one-on-one drop-in office hours offer guidance and support to work on skills to help you break habits and cut back or quit your nicotine or tobacco use.
  • Make a Change: one-on-one office hours offer that offer skill development and tools for helping you make any changes you may want in your substance use practices. 
  • Catamount Recovery Program: UVM’s community for students in recovery.
  • Support at Student Health Services: schedule an appointment with our Behavioral Health Provider. These appointments promote overall wellbeing, can help support mental health, and address substance use to enable positive change.

UVM Self-Guided Resources

T- Break Guide: a 21-day guide that offers advice on how to take a tolerance break from cannabis. 
BASICS substance self-assessment: The BASICS program is designed to assist students while they explore their alcohol and substance use in a supportive and non-shaming framework. This is a self-assessment to help you learn more about your substance use behaviors.

Off-Campus Resources

University of Vermont Medical Center Tobacco Cessation: resources for quitting nicotine and all forms of tobacco.  Group cessation classes are available in order to deliver a small group community experience through confidentiality and connection. 
802Quits: online, phone, and in-person supports and free resources to quit nicotine.
BecomeAnEX: an online community to support you in quitting tobacco.      
This is Quitting/TheTruththis mobile app is built to support you on your journey to quit vaping.