Welcome to the FEMC data archive! The archive represents the work of hundreds of individuals who seek to understand our forested ecosystems and believe in the power of sharing data for increased understanding and better management. Built on the latest standards in data sharing and metadata documentation, the archive brings information to you in a searchable and intuitive interface. Explore the archive to bolster your next monitoring, management or research project!

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About the Archive


The FEMC data archive is built using the latest standards in data sharing and preservation. FEMC staff and cooperators have worked with the Research Data Alliance, the Earth Science Information Partnership, and DataONE to build a robust and secure data archive infrastructure. In addition to adopting recommendations and contributing to these communities, FEMC uses the Ecological Metadata Language standard for its metadata documents, implements Open Geospatial Consortium standards for spatial data, and utilizes the Integrated Taxonomic Information System for documenting taxonomic data.

Data Access Policy

Data published through the FEMC system are licensed by the individual publishing the data. Publishers can choose from a range of options, from sharing just descriptive information about the data to providing free use of the data with no restrictions. The FEMC utilizes the Creative Commons scheme for licensing data, with a few additional options, including by-request availability and description-only availability. Find out more information in our Data Policy.

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