UVM Extension and many other land-grant institution colleagues around the country are engaging in efforts to support a more diverse, equitable and inclusive reality within our operations and for those we are privileged to serve.

On November 15, the University of Vermont released its first-ever Comprehensive Inclusive Excellence Action Plan, a data-driven strategic plan centered on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The plan outlines the University’s commitment and process for advancing inclusive excellence across the University over the next five years. Read the complete article, "UVM’s First Comprehensive Inclusive Excellence Action Plan Sets Important Goals for University Community." UVM Extension is actively participating in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences's action plan; read that roadmap and others on the "Unit Plans" page.

We are using this page to share resources, support learning, promote events, and otherwise support colleagues in their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.  We invite you to join us with an orientation of respect and curiosity as you explore these and other resources.

Racial & Cultural Equity & Inclusion

UVM Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion resources:

Mental Health Resources for People of Color and Allies*

  • Live Another Day - Extensive information on mental health and substance use resources for people of color. Their mission is equal access to life-saving resources. They have guides for black, Latinx, Asian, and native people.
  • Detox Local - An extensive list of mental health and substance use resources specifically for the AAPI (American Asian and Pacific Islander) community.

Other learning & listening:

Gender Equity & Inclusion

Resources for LGBTQQ members of the UVM community - and those seeking to support them - as offered at an on-campus Trans Inclusion workshop in 2019:

UVM Resources

Community Resources

Other Learning & Listening:

Land-Grant Institutions & History


Economic & Class Justice & Inclusion

  • Why Detroit Residents Pushed Back Against Tree-Planting: an article exploring how communities resist when experts approach them with solutions that they have not sought or approved.
  • Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation offered by the Bread for the World Institute
  • Equitable Food Oriented Development framework, defined as "an equitable food system that creates a new paradigm in which all – including those most vulnerable and those living in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color – can fully participate, prosper, and benefit. It is a system that, from farm to table, from processing to disposal, ensures economic opportunity; high-quality jobs with living wages; safe working conditions; access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food; and environmental sustainability"


The items shared on this page are those that have been found useful by committee members or other colleagues.  If you have items and resources to recommend, please feel free to email any member of the committee (generally our email addresses are first.last@uvm.edu) to include here.  Trade and organizational names are offered for informational purposes only and their inclusion here is not an endorsement.

The current EXT DEI Committee is:

  • Chris Callahan
  • Maire Folan
  • Marc Hartigan
  • Beth Holtzman
  • Scott Lewins
  • Sara Stowell
  • Tracey Stubbins
  • Ben Willis