Vital Vermont communities start with you.  Declining levels of voter participation along with decreasing interest in volunteer activities and community groups challenge the state of Vermont. As a result,the University of Vermont Extension has made the following a focus:

Mobilizing community more effectively; creating an understanding of and solutions to community problems; engaging community members to become more involved in implementing or enhancing decision-making skills that will improve quality of life.


Vermont Public Libraries Educational Program

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The UVM Extension Vermont public libraries educational program provides Vermont public library directors, librarians, and trustees with financial, budgeting, and human resource tools, information, and consultation. 

Learn more about the Vermont Public Libraries Educational Program

Vermont Agritourism Collaborative

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Agritourism is the business of establishing farms as destinations for education, recreation, and the purchase of farm products; giving visitors the opportunity to connect with the working landscape and 'farm experience', and creating an additional source of revenue for the host farm.Visit the Vermont Agritourism Collaborative site to learn more!

Town Officers' Education Conference (TOEC)

Providing training for more than 300 municipal officials and citizen volunteers in two Vermont locations annually.
Scheduled for April 8, 2020 (Fairlee, Vt.) and April 15, 2020 (Burlington, Vt).
Learn more about TOEC.

Tax School

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Get the latest in-depth and up-to-date training on new tax law and regulations.
Learn more about 2020 Tax School programs.

Building Capacity

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An integrated program of education and technical assistance to build leadership in Vermont’s nonprofits, community boards and committees, and local commissions.
Learn more about Building Capacity.