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Supporting people with disabilities in accessing and thriving in the communities of their choice since 1974.

We believe in and work towards a diverse and vibrant future with, for, and by people with disabilities in Vermont.

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CDCI Connects comes out twice a month, featuring news for and by Vermonters with disabilities.


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Screenshots of two white women, both with long dark hair, grinning at the camera, from separate locations. Text: new podcast episode

This month we connect with Kathryn Carroll and Hannah Gallivan, to talk about disability and mentorship.

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It's time to make disability equity a professional priority.

A teenage Asian girl with Down Syndrome sits on a bench in an open park. She rests her chin on one hand and smiles openly at the camera.

Our Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Disability Studies has a rolling deadline for admission. Wherever you are, we're happy to meet you there.

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Digging deeper into Vermont attitudes towards disability

text: 72% of Vermonters surveyed said: People with disabilities can contribute to the labor force the same as people without disabilities

Jesse C. Suter and Justin M. H. Salisbury unpack what we can learn about attitudes to disability in Vermont -- and what we still need to know.

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Cassandra Townshend Named Vermont Children's Mental Health Champion

Townshend is one of only 10 people nationwide to receive the award from the AUCD and CDC this year.

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