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The President's Commission for Inclusive Excellence (PCIE) is an institutional advisory board at the University of Vermont whose primary mission is to advance the strategic diversity and inclusion goals of the university.

PCIE Functions and Responsibilities

The primary functions and responsibilities of the PCIE are to:

  • Promote the integration of the tenets in Our Common Ground statement throughout the culture, operations, and functions of the University of Vermont.
  • Create, advise, and recommend priorities for strategic diversity engagement at all levels and in all areas of the University of Vermont.
  • Track emerging diversity issues at the University of Vermont.
  • Review, update, monitor, and endorse major institutional documents and initiatives through a diversity lens (i.e., the strategic diversity plan).
  • Meet with the University of Vermont president each semester to discuss strategic diversity engagement at the University of Vermont.
  • Make an annual presentation/report to the institution’s senior leadership (i.e., vice presidents and deans) about the university’s progress on advancing strategic institutional diversity goals.
  • Provide opportunities for members of the University of Vermont community to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas regarding diversity and inclusion at the University of Vermont.