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    Our volunteers are leaders who partner with local community groups to create access to plants and green space for health and wellbeing, to grow and distribute local food, to create resilient landscapes, to promote invasive species management, to educate on ways to help wildlife/pollinators, and to teach their communities how to compost and maintain healthy soil ecology.

Home gardens are important and understudied systems that have an important role in building sustainable, healthy and equitable communities. The UVM Extension Community Horticulture Program (Master Gardener & Composter) trains volunteers and teaches research-based gardening information throughout Vermont to help people improve their gardening skills.

COVID-19 UPDATE: 7/10/20

The 2020 volunteer hours requirement has been relaxed. All active 2020 volunteers will remain active in 2021. All 2019 and 2020 interns will be granted 3 years to meet their initial certification requirements.

Resumption of Volunteer Activity Phase 1: Beginning on July 10, 2020

Allowed Activities:

  • Volunteer activities are encouraged to be conducted remotely (online), substituting remote options for in-person interaction whenever possible.
  • Any outdoor volunteer activities essential to food production and mentorship in groups of 10 or less.
  • Any outdoor volunteer activities essential to maintaining critical public spaces such as community, historic and demonstration gardens in groups of 10 or less.
  • Any outdoor time-critical activities that cannot be performed at another time and for which the volunteer has received approval from the state coordinator.

Suspended Activities (Until Phase 2):

  • All indoor volunteer activities regardless of group size.
  • All in-person classes of more than 10 people occurring outside.

More info under, "Gardening During COVID-19."

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This work is supported by Crop Protection and Pest Management Program [grant no. 2017-70006-27143/1013802] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.