The Bias Response Program (BRP) addresses incidents of bias targeting UVM students, faculty, and staff. The program educates the campus community about bias, and institutional policies, protocols, and resources related to bias. The Bias Response Program has a three-pronged approach:

  1. Response & Referral: Respond directly to incidents of bias through the Bias Response Team (BRT).
  2. Education: Educate the campus community about bias, and institutional policies and reporting protocols related to bias.
  3. Policy Oversight: Review and assess policies, procedures, resources and responses related to bias, through the Bias Response Council.

Additionally, the Bias Response Program is composed of two specific teams related to bias response and policy alignment: The Bias Response Council and Bias Response Team.

Bias Response Council

The BRC is an institutional body that reviews policies, publications, procedures and develop strategic goals for the Bias Response Team (BRT). The Bias Response Council oversees the Bias Response Team and members of the Council also review assessment data as it relates to bias incidents and response. 

The Council is comprised of the following key members:

  • Vice Provost for Student Affairs or designee
  • Dean of Students
  • Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs or designee
  • Director of AA/EO
  • Chief of Police or designee
  • Legal Counsel
  • BRT Chair/Co-chairs
  • Director of Residential Life

Bias Response Team

The primary role of the Bias Response Team is to review bias incidents, provide appropriate responses based on the nature of the incident, educate the campus community about civility and inclusion, and how to report bias incidents.

The Team also works with individuals and groups to connect them to campus and local resources. The Program also provides a resource in our Advisors who have skills working with members of our community that have been involved in a bias incident.

The Bias Response Team is comprised of the following key members:
  • BRT Chair/Co-Chairs
  • Associate Director of Residential Life
  • Director of Student Conduct
  • Assistant Director of the Mosaic Center for Students of Color
  • Assistant Dean(s) of Academic Schools/Colleges
  • Sargent of UVM Police Services  

Bias Response Advisors

Advisors are staff and faculty volunteers who are committed to supporting students, staff, and faculty who may experience bias. Advisors are available on an as needed basis based on the circumstances of the bias incident. Each of them have and continue to receive training to address the needs of our community.

Advisors are members of the UVM community who serve as a liaison to those who have experienced or performed an act of bias. Bias Response Advisors serve people of various backgrounds and identities, and freely donate their time to supporting individuals and groups as they navigate the issues related to the bias incident.

Specifically, Advisors work to support students, staff, and or faculty members by doing the following:

  • Support individuals or groups through the reporting process;
  • Communicate with the Bias Response Team about the needs and concerns of the involved parties, and emerging issues related to the reported bias incident;
  • Refer parties to appropriate resources; and
  • Provide information about the process for resolving bias incidents (including potential options for using restorative practices)


Report a Bias Incident


We encourage any person who has experienced or witnessed a bias incident to report it and seek the necessary resources. Thank you for taking the time to report this incident to ensure we are creating a more inclusive community for everyone.