2019 Symposium

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2019 Presentations

Jeff Carter, UVM Extension
Dr. Heather Darby, UVM Extension
Dr. Joshua Faulkner, UVM Extension
Jeff Sanders, UVM Extension
Kirsten Workman, UVM Extension David Bessette, Bess-View Farm
Ryan Carabeau, Conant's Riverside Farm
Tom Eaton, Ag Consulting Services
Ashley Farr, Farr Family Farm
Larry Gervais, Gervais Family Farm
Eric Severy, Matthews Trucking

2018 Symposium

2018 Presentations

Bob Schindelbeck is an Extension Associate in the Cornell Department of Crop and Soil Science and coordinates the Cornell Soil Health Laboratory operations and development. Bob has been part of the Cornell Soil Health Team’s development of soil management strategies to address laboratory-measured soil constraints. More about Bob Schindelbeck

Blake Vince is a 5th generation farmer from Merlin, Ontario, Canada where he lives with his wife and children.  He is a charter member and past president of the Rotary Club of Chatham Sunrise and is a past director of the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario. In 2013, Blake was awarded a Canadian Nuffield Scholarship.  He works alongside his father Elwin and Uncle Tom Vince. Currently they produce corn, soybeans and winter wheat on approx. 1300 acres. The Vince family started no-tilling in 1983 and today they are using cover crops in various capacities. Blake has implemented planting green into a 18 way multi species cover crop following winter wheat as part of their cropping system. Blake’s claim to fame as a 45 year old farmer is that he has never used a moldboard plow. More about Innovative Farmers

Eric Young has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in environmental science from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. After working in the field as an extension agronomist and nutrient management planner, he earned a Ph.D. in Soil Science from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. He was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Vermont from 2006 to 2009. Eric has been at Miner Institute since 2009. He oversees cropping operations for the dairy herd, approximately 1000 acres. Eric is also involved with a number of research projects relating to forage production/quality, nutrient management, and field runoff water quality. More about Eric Young

2017 Symposium

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2017 Presentations

John TookerDr. John Tooker is an associate professor of insect ecology and extension specialist in the Dept. of Entomology at The Pennsylvania State University. He studies relationships among plants, herbivores, and natural enemies to understand factors that regulate populations of herbivorous insects and slugs and how to exploit ecological interactions for sustainable insect pest management. More about John Tooker

Douglas BeegleDr. Douglas Beegle is Distinguished Professor of Agronomy at The Pennsylvania State University. His extension work includes educational programs in plant nutrition, soil testing, manure management, & whole farm nutrient management. His research is focused on soil test evaluation/calibration, fertility management, development of nutrient management systems, and management of agricultural phosphorus and the environment. He is an advisor to many agencies and organizations on nutrient management and agriculture related water quality issues. More about Douglas Beegle

Mark AndersonMark Anderson is a partner in Landview Farms LLC in Eagle Bridge, NY. The Farm milks 1350 cows and uses no-till and cover crops on their 2300 acres to increase soil health and farm profitability.

Jeffrey CarterJeff Carter is an Agronomy Specialist and a Faculty member at the University of Vermont Extension. He has worked with farmers all around Vermont regarding crop production including corn, alfalfa, pasture, Christmas trees and wildlife food plots. Jeff is a Certified Crop Adviser. More about Jeff Carter

Heather DarbyHeather Darby is an Agronomist for University of Vermont Extension.  Heather is passionate about sustainable agriculture and providing sound research based agronomic information for the farmers of Vermont. Her varied interests and the enthusiasm lead her to work with a variety of agronomic crops including forages and specialty crops. More about Heather Darby

2016 Symposium

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2016 Presentations

John Kemmeren is a NY dairymen with 40 years of no-till experience on his 200 head dairy farm. He will share successes and challenges of no-till and cover cropping.

Dr. Kevin Bradley is associate professor and extension weed scientist at the University of Missouri. He will share his perspectives on how cover crops, herbicides, and good weed control can work in a no-till system. More about Dr. Bradley and his research

Odette Menard is a soil conservation honoree and employee in Quebec’s Ministry of Agriculture will share her insight into helping farmers identify strategies to build soil health, increase yields, improve economics, and reduce erosion.

Other speakers and facilitators from UVM Extension include Jeff Carter, Dr. Heather Darby, Kirsten Workman, Jeff Sanders

Panel discussion with Mark Anderson, Land View Farms; Kevin Kocsak, Salem Farm Supply; Larry Gervais, Gervais Family Farm; Brad Thomas, Jillian Holsteins

2015 Symposium

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2016 Presentations

John Koepke and his family own and operate a 350 cow dairy farm in SE Wisconsin. They are 2011 Leopold Conservation Award Winners and 2011 Dairy Men of the Year and have been no-tillers for more than 25 years. John Koepke’s Presentation (PDF)

Gerard Troisi is crop advisor/production consultant since 1991, consulting on 24,000 acres in central PA.  He works with operators who no-till or are transitioning, and is skilled at increasing production on marginal soils while reducing input costs and adjusting production practices. Gerard Troisi’s Presentation (PDF)

Lucas Criswell and his father farm in the hills of the Chesapeake Bay watershed in central Pennsylvania. They have been no tilling for over 30 years and now utilize high residue cover crops. Lucas Criswell’s Presentation

Pierre-Olivier Gaucher is the owner of Terralis & convened a consortium of Canadian farmers who are changing their cropping techniques to improve soil health.  They developed a crop rotation to include cover crops, winter cereals and interseeding in corn. Pierre-Olivier Gaucher’s Presentation and Video

Heather Darby, UVM Extension Agronomist. Heather Darby’s Presentation (PDF)

Kirsten Workman, UVM Extension. Kirsten Workman’s Presentation (PDF)

Vermont Farmer Panelists: Richard Hall, Fairmont Farms (E. Montpelier): Richard Hall’s Presentation; Ron & Chad Machia,  Machia & Sons (Sheldon); Shawn Gingue, Gingue Bros. Dairy (Fairfax); Scott Magnan, Custom Service (St. Albans); Gerard Vorsteveld, Vorsteveld Farm (Panton)

2014 Symposium

Download the 2014 Proceedings (PDF)

Rico Balzano, UVM Extension, Reduced Tillage Success

Jeff Sanders, No-Till Considerations

Jim Harbach and Gerard Troisi, No-till and Cover Crops on a Pennsylvania Dairy Farm

Frank Gibbs, Keeping your Phosphorous Where is Belongs in No-Till Fields

Guy Palardy, Precision Agriculture for Conservation Tillage Success

Jeff Carter, UVM Extension, Cover Crops No-Till and Diversity

Frank Gibbs, Earthworms – The Key to Quality No Till Soils

Sjoerd Duiker, Cover Crop Mixes After Corn Silage

Andre Quintin, Cover Crops at North Island Dairy

Jim Harbach, Cover Crops for No-Till Systems on a Pennsylvania Dairy Farm

Double Cropping with Cover Crops – Winter Rye Forage at Deer Valley Farm

Kirsten Workman, UVM Extension, Aerial Seeding Cover Crops in Vermont