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Guide to Navigating Vermont's Agritourism Regulations

“The key is to find what works for you, on your farm, and then build the public hosting around what you are excited about doing and what links to your farm products!”

- Corie Pierce, Bread and Butter Farm, Shelburne, VT

Agritourism is the business of establishing farms as destinations for education, recreation, and the purchase of farm products; giving visitors the opportunity to connect with the working landscape and 'farm experience', and creating an additional source of revenue for the host farm.

This website is designed to provide information, resources, and connections for farmers offering agritourism experiences throughout Vermont and beyond.


Is agritourism right for you?

Farm tours, tastings, dinners-in-the-field, farm stays, workshops, festivals and ‘pick-your-own’ are just a few examples of agritourism.
Decide if it's a fit for your farm.

Get started!

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