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Address: Champlain Valley Crop, Soil and Pasture Team; 23 Pond Lane, Suite 300; Middlebury, VT 05753-1189

Jeffrey Carter, Agronomy Specialist: Field Crops & Nutrient Management

Jeffrey Carter

Jeff Carter has worked with farmers all around Vermont regarding crop production including corn, alfalfa, pasture, Christmas trees and wildlife food plots. For over 30 years he has provided information on using fertilizer, manure and pesticides; how to grow crops and take care of the soil and; nutrient management planning to meet farm regulations. Jeff works with commercial farmers, backyard growers and public officials to promote agriculture.

As a UVM Extension Faculty member, Jeff leads the Team at the Middlebury Extension office.  He procures grant funding, provides direction for the team and is the foundation for the work the team does to serve the needs of agricultural producers in the Champlain Valley and beyond. Jeff is a Certified Crop Adviser. | (802) 388-4969 ext. 332 | Jeff's Faculty Profile

Kirsten Workman, Agronomy Specialist

Kirsten Workman

Kirsten works with farmers to implement practices to improve crop production and protect water quality. She started her career in Washington State working for the Mason Conservation District and Washington State University Extension. After 10 years of working with West Coast farmers, she joined the UVM Extension staff in 2011, and hopes to provide practical information that farmers value. She helps farmers understand the importance of Nutrient Management and assists them in preparing and implementing comprehensive nutrient management plans, and lately has been working on cover cropping systems for Vermont farms.  She also helps farmers access cost-share funding to implement Best Management Practices on their farms. She is also working on a master’s degree in Plant & Soil Science (Agronomy) at University of Vermont.  Her research project aims to provide farmers with information about successful cover cropping systems that make the most of their livestock manure while reducing nutrient runoff and increasing soil health.

Kirsten lives in the Winooski watershed with her husband, Paul and two young children, Johnny & Ruby. She enjoys exploring her new home state of Vermont with her family and is excited to have access to some prime Vermont farmland, where she is able to raise more (and larger) livestock than she was able to in the temperate rainforest of the Puget Sound. Kirsten is a Certified Crop Adviser. | (802) 388-4969 ext. 347

Cheryl Cesario, Grazing Outreach Professional

Cheryl Cesario

Cheryl is the team’s resident grazing expert.  She works with farmers to get the most out their pastures…balancing the needs of people, plants, animals, and water quality.  She prepares grazing plans for beef, dairy and other livestock producers, setting up these farms to be as profitable as possible while utilizing one of Vermont’s best crops…Pasture!

Before joining UVM Extension as a Grazing Outreach Professional, Cheryl spent eight years with the Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) certification program (part of NOFA-VT) and graduated with a degree in Animal Science from the University of New Hampshire and a Master’s degree from the University of Vermont in Plant and Soil Science. Her agricultural experiences include vegetable farm and greenhouse management, seasonal orchard work, and relief milking on dairy farms.

She and her husband Marc graze cows, pigs and chickens at their farm, Meeting Place Pastures, in Cornwall, VT.  They direct market their meat and eggs to families and restaurants across New England. Cheryl is a Certified Crop Adviser. | (802) 388-4969 ext. 346

Kristin Williams, Agronomy Outreach Professional

Kristin Williams

Kristin enjoys assisting with a multifaceted group of assignments in Extension, with the aim of helping farmer’s create and maintain more sustainable systems on their farm, particularly focused on soil conservation and nutrient management. Kristin holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and a M.S. in Plant and Soil Science, both from the University of Vermont. Her graduate research focused on biological indicators of soil health and nematode ecology. That work exposed her to the critical value of the living fraction of the soil. Her work in nutrient management began as an intern with Ben & Jerry’s as an undergraduate. However, the roots of her passion for soil science began while playing and working on the farm she grew up on in Vermont. In general she enjoys work that makes research applicable to real world solutions, and she takes a multidisciplinary approach that has led her to work in transportation, sociology and applied economics. Kristin is a Certified Crop Adviser, and also edits the team's newsletter. In her free time she loves to hike and enjoys gardening, shopping at farmer’s markets, and cooking. | (802) 388-4969 ext. 331

Karen Gallott, Administrative Assistant

Karen Gallott

Karen grew up in Ithaca, NY and worked for the Department of Pomology at Cornell University, and then moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma where she worked in the Departments of Agriculture and then Engineering Technology at Oklahoma State University.  She moved again, to Vermont and spent eleven years working as the assistant manager for West Meadows Farm, a 25 acre commercial apple orchard in New Haven, VT with a herd of Scottish Highland cattle.  Her other life time experiences include 20 years “horsing around” with horses, being a professional florist; development assistant, event planner; assistant town clerk, 15 years as clerk for the New Haven Development Review Board and a Civil War Cavalry re-enactor. Karen currently lives in New Haven, VT with her husband, two cats and Welsh Corgi Rowan. | (802) 388-4969

Rachel Orr, Agronomy Field Technician

Rachel Orr with Cow

Rachel was born and raised in Orwell, Vermont on a small dairy farm with two siblings. They milked 100 cows and raised replacements until June of 2017. She attended Castleton State College where she studied molecular biology. Rachel is passionate about the dairy industry and evolving farm practices, and particularly intrigued with milk quality, mastitis control and overall animal health and welfare. On the side, she raises goats, pigs, beef cows, and meat chickens, in hopes of developing a local meat market.   

Aside from farming, she enjoys hiking, gardening, riding horses, distance running and spending time with family. At UVM Extension, she hopes to broaden her understanding of soil health and conservation practices while staying connected to the farming community. She will be working on a project that evaluates whole farm nutrient mass balance (NMB). This is calculated looking at the differences between nutrients imported and nutrients exported. The importance of whole-farm nutrient mass balances is an important tool for evaluating the viability of dairy farms, improving nutrient imbalances and complying with environmental regulations. | (802) 388-4969

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