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The UVM Extension Maple Program provides timely and practical research based information to maple syrup producers and anyone interested in pure maple syrup.   REGISTER NOW for the 2023 MAPLE CONFERENCES. With virtual and in-person programming tracks on Maple Business Management, Regulations and Maple, Sugarbush Health, Marketing and Media, and Maple Production and Innovation -- plus a trade show -- there is something for everyone.  DOWNLOAD the CONFERENCE BROCHURE for more information.

Maple syrup production combines many different disciplines including, agriculture, forest management, plumbing, weather forecasting, food production and small business management. The UVM Extension Maple Program supports maple producers by providing research-based educational solutions for maintaining sustainable operations with above-average yields of high quality syrup.


75th Anniversary of the Proctor Maple Research Center

How to Make Sugar on Snow

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Maple Sap from Tap

Information for the producer and enthusiast on topics including forest tent caterpillar and backyard sugaring.  Read More >>

This database is a searchable collection of articles, videos, tools, and other resources about all aspects of maple syrup production. Use keywords to refine the search results. For example use keyword "beginner" if you are looking for basic information on making maple for the first time.



Mark IsselhardtMark Isselhardt | 802-656-7564

Mark Isselhardt has been involved with maple research and education for over 20 years, the last nine of which as the University of Vermont Extension Maple Specialist. In that role, Mark leverages degrees in Forest Management and Plant Biology as he leads the Extension Maple Program with a mix of original research and outreach activities with established maple producers and individuals looking to learn about maple at all scales of production. From Minnesota to Maine and across maple producing areas of Canada, Mark has given hundreds of presentations, interviews and personal consultations related to all aspects of maple production including sugarbush management, sap collection, syrup production, syrup quality and grading. Mark seeks to bring a more complete picture of current best practices and innovative solutions for iconic non-timber forest product to an international audience through high quality writing, presentations, images and video to support the sustainable development of the maple industry.

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Tapping Maple Trees for High Sap Yield

Stained Wood


Maple Syrup Grading Fundamentals:
Flavor, Density, Color & Clarity