• Farm Viability provides farm owners with one-on-one planning services such as: Full Business Plans, Enterprise Analysis, Cash Flow Plans, and Transfer Plans.

  • In the Water Quality Business Analysis program farm owners can work one-on-one with a business educator to evaluate changes facing the farm including: Strategic Planning, Integrating Conservation and Business Planning, and Project Support.

  • Through the Maple Business Benchmark project maple business owners will work one on one with a farm business adviser to calculate their financial cost of production for the maple enterprise.

  • Forest Business program offers forest managers and forest products businesses with one-on-one planning for business analysis and sustainable forest management.


UVM Extension Agricultural Business engages with farm, forest and maple enterprises using planning and educational resources to promote a strong agricultural economy. Our experienced team delivers one-to-one, small group and online learning opportunities that enhance decision-making and viability. Our programs and research provide direction for key stakeholders to advance initiatives that improve business outcomes in a dynamic agricultural sector. View a program overview worsksheet,  Agriculture Business Program Menu (PDF) and programs below for more information on registration and program details.

Farm Viability

Our Farm Viability program provides farm owners with business education resources, skills development, and one-on-one planning services. One-on-one business planning is available to develop a variety of plan models including a comprehensive business plan, a cash flow plan, an enterprise analysis plan, a transition plan, and/or a transfer plan. Our team also provides business clinics [2021 dates to be announced later], which are short one-on-one meetings planned for a specific purpose. To read more, see our Farm Viability Program Information Sheet [PDF]. To apply, see our Viability Application Form [PDF]. Contact Betsy Miller with questions - Betsy.Miller@uvm.edu, 802-447-7582  ext. 252

Water Quality Business Analysis

UVM Extension farm business educators are available to work with dairy and livestock farm owners to assess and plan for business changes to meet water quality goals. Farm owners can work one-on-one with a business educator to evaluate the feasibility and impact of changes facing the farm and business. Topics for business support include strategic planning for your farm, integrated conservation business planning and project support. For more information on this program, see our Water Quality Business Analysis Information Sheet [PDF] and Water Quality Business Analysis Best Practices for Project Planning [PDF]. Contact Tony Kitsos with questions – Tony.Kitsos@uvm.edu, 802-524-6501 ext. 440.

Read more about our Water Quality Business Analysis program.

Are you interested in learning more about how we can support your water quality goals? Click here to contact us directly. 

Forest Business

Our Forest Business program provides businesses in Vermont’s forest product sector with management resources, skills development, and one-on-one planning services. We aim to support the development of a sustainable forest economy in the Northeast by working with a diverse set of businesses including loggers, foresters, processors, mills, woodworkers, wood manufacturers and timber framers. We offer three core services: one-on-one business planning assistance, workshops & classes, and business clinics. For more information see our Forest Business Program Information Sheet [PDF] and Small Business Planning for Loggers [PDF]. Contact Chris Lindgren with questions – Christopher.Lindgren@uvm.edu, 802-733-3349 ext. 247.

Develop a Logging Business Plan [Blog]

Maple Business

We have two major initiatives around maple production right now: the Maple Benchmark Program and Maple Business Education and Networking

Maple Benchmark: We are inviting syrup and sap only producers in NH, NY, Maine and Vermont to participate in the benchmark cost analysis program. Businesses that generate $100,000 or more in annual gross sales are eligible for this financial analysis and business coaching program. See the Maple Benchmark Program Information Sheet [PDF] and visit our Maple Benchmark and Maple Resources page for more information. 

Maple Business Education and Networking: UVM is inviting participants to benefit from a project that will develop maple business education resources, expand program offerings across the US, and enhance advisory services. Current or future educators, consultants and other professionals can participate in this effort to seek more training on the maple industry and make connections with similar professionals. See the Maple Business Network and Professional Development Program Information Sheet [PDF].

For questions with either program, contact Mark Cannella - Mark.Cannella@uvm.edu, 802-476-2003

More resources at MapleManager.org

Northeast Direct Vegetable Benchmark

UVM Extension has partnered with the University of New Hampshire Extension and four additional Northeast states to pilot a new financial benchmarking program for produce farm owners that direct market their crops. The project provides financial statement preparation and financial analysis assistance to eligible farm owners. For more information see the Northeast Direct Vegetable Benchmark Program Information Sheet (PDF).

For questions with this program, contact Mark Cannella - Mark.Cannella@uvm.edu, 802-476-2003

Contact Us

UVM Extension Farm Viability works with farmers all over Vermont. Our team brings decades of experience in farm business planning. See Our Team page for more information.

For general inquiries, contact Christi Sherlock, the Administrative Assitant for the Berlin office and she will direct you - 1-802-476-2003.


COVID-19 Business Support

If your farm or forest business is under pressure to plan for COVID-19 disruption, we are available for business coaching and can assist with locating resources. For help with critical business decision-making, assessing changes to markets, financial planning and other issues facing your enterprises, make an appointment by email or leaving a voicemail: 

For Agriculture related inquiries: Betsy Miller (Program Coordinator), Betsy.Miller@uvm.edu,  802-447-7582 ext. 252 

For Forest Business related inquries: Chris Lindgren (Forest Business Educator), Christopher.Lindgren@uvm.edu, 1-800-281-6977 ext 274

Please see our blog post for a list of COVID-19 related resources.