Transcript Request Information

Options for Overnighting Official Transcripts

PLEASE NOTE: The choice to have your transcript overnighted is OPTIONAL.

If you would like to have your transcript(s) overnighted you must provide our office with a prepaid airbill from an overnight carrier by 1:00PM Eastern Time. If you plan to email or fax (802-656-8230) a prepaid airbill label in order to have your transcript overnighted, please make the subject line of your email or fax Overnighted Transcript, and also make sure to check the "I will fax/email a form..." box at the bottom of the transcript request page.

To procure a prepaid airbill please visit one of the following sites:

When preparing the airbill, please make sure to enter the following return address:

From: (UVM's information)
University of Vermont
Registrar's Office
85 S. Prospect St. RM 360
Burlington, VT 05405-0001