Ellucian Degree Works

In late October 2016, the Office of the Registrar will begin to unveil a new degree audit tool. The Degree Audit replaces CATS (Curriculum Audit Tracking System) and will bring enhanced tools to aid students in tracking their progress towards degree completion. It will also give students and advisors clearer and more streamlined pictures of what has been completed and what is still needed.

As with our current version, there will be the ability to explore other majors with the "What If" tool. The Degree Audit will allow users to view how changing a major will affect degree progress in a more accurate and meaningful way because it reflects the requirements in their own catalog year.

The initial roll out will occur in late October in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. Two additional colleges/schools will be brought on board in the spring of 2017 with the remaining colleges/schools going live during the fall of 2017.

To view a sample audit for a student in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, please click here.

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source: Ellucian on YouTube

Degree Works Team

Project Sponsors:
David Rosowsky
   Provost and Sr. VP
Stacey Kostell
   VP for Enrollment Management
Project Team:
Gail Starks
   Assoc. Registrar
Becky Clark
   Asst. Registrar, TA; Degree Auditor
Angela Erdmann
   Transfer Evaluator, TA; Degree Auditor
Marnie Owen
   CEMS, Dir. of Student Services
Lise Larose
   CAS, Academic & Student Services Advisor
Project Leaders:
Veronika Carter
   University Registrar
Naima Dennis
   Sr. Asst. Registrar for Technology

Thomas Chittenden
   GSB Lecturer; Co-Chair, Faculty Senate, SAC
Jennifer Prue
   CESS Sr. Lecturer; Co-Chair, Faculty Senate, SAC
Jason Maulucci
   SGA President
Alyssa Johnson
   SGA Senator on Academic Affairs Committee