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Expanded Section Descriptions

Faculty are encouraged to use this feature in order to maintain section information, including section description and goals, section expectations, and evaluation methods. Faculty can update information as necessary and can also copy forward an existing description to a different section. Expanded section descriptions must be consistent with the course description in the course catalogue. Students will be able to see this information when they use the Look Up Classes to Add feature in the registration system.

PLEASE NOTE: Section descriptions must be entered as simple text without any type of formatting.

  • Section URL: If you have your syllabus posted to a departmental or individual website, you can include the website address in the Section URL area.
  • Section Description: Enter a 100-200 word course description (key topics, theories, approaches, and texts covered), followed by individually numbered course goals or objectives (e.g., This course covers the following topics and considers key approaches, theories, and texts related to these topics including... Course goals and objectives include...).
  • Section Expectations: Enter information about course structure, classroom environment, estimated time to be spent on coursework and required materials or texts. It is not necessary to specify textbooks, but if they are specified, the ISBNs must be included and posting this information constitutes a commitment not to change the text(s) (e.g., This course combines lecture and discussion formats. Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours per week on coursework outside of class, with additional time for the semester-long project. The required materials for this course are...).
  • Evaluation: Enter information about evaluation methods and grading (e.g., Grades will be based on attendance and participation, weekly assignments, a midterm exam, and a final project.).

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