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Degree Works Project Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 23, 2016 - 11:00am

Facilitator     Veronika Carter

Attendees: Veronika Carter, Gail Starks, Naima Dennis, Becky Clark, Angela Erdmann, Jennifer Prue, Marnie Owen, Jason Maulucci, Lise Larose, Amelia Wilcox.


  1. Communications Plan
  2. Degree Works Implementation Update


Communications Plan

  • Naima met with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) regarding a campus communication plan. They suggested the following resources as potential avenues for sharing about Degree Works:
  • - Human Resources
    - Faculty Senate
    - Center for Academic Success
    - Student Government Association
    - The Vermont Cynic
  • Naima read the official Degree Works announcement and opened it up for comments. Some suggestions that were made to improve the clarity of the announcement:
  • - State clearly that Degree Works will completely replace the current CATS system.
    - Add a quick line or two about the rollout schedule; which schools will go first, etc.
  • - Naima showed an example of a College of Arts and Sciences degree audit with notes and instructions about how to read it. The group suggested that this example audit be shared alongside the announcement.

Degree Works Implementation Update

  • We are now in the Clone to Prod phase ahead of schedule, meaning that the Degree Works system is in the production stage. We discussed what advisors of dual degree students will see in the system and will be looking into this a bit more.
  • Renaming CATS: The group agreed that a new name will help re-brand the whole system due to drastic differences between Degree Works and CATS. "Degree Audit" may be a clearer name than Degree Works.
  • The Registrar's Office will undergo transfer equivalency training in October, which is a remote training session.

Meeting Adjourned

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