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Degree Works Project Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 9, 2016 - 10:00am

Facilitator     Veronika Carter

Attendees: Veronika Carter, Gail Starks, Naima Dennis, Becky Clark, Angela Lindstrom, Tom Chittenden, Jennifer Prue, Jason Maulucci, Alyssa Johnson


  1. Announcements: Veronika
  2. Web Page: Naima
  3. Tech Update: Gail
  4. Scribe Update: Becky


Product Demo Meeting

  • The Degree Works team plans to meet again sometime in mid-June for a product demo.
  • We will include Sarah Warrington on this demon meeting and future Degree Works meetings. Sarah and Gail are going to meet next week.

Campus-Wide Communications

  • An announcement will be sent out to the campus at large this summer and again in late August or September.
    • The announcement can be sent out by Gary Derr as a "You Should Know" item.
    • It may also be sent out via the Chairs List to notify the deans.
    • We may also contact Stacey Kostell to have the provost send out an announcement.

Degree Works Webpage To-Do List

  • Julie is working on these currently.
    • We need a streamlined, unified look to the page.
    • The "Agreements" link should be removed and the information transferred to the "Project Charter" subpage.
    • The "Meetings" link containing the minutes should be moved just above the "Contact Us" link.
    • The "Contact Us" link should have a name of all of the Degree Works team members and separate them out by faculty, staff, students, etc. This will help visitors know who to contact.

Tech Update

  • We are on track to hit all of our goals according to the Degree Works timeline. We have figured out preferred names and have worked on incorporating a test batch of students into the program.

Scribing update

  • We have successfully hired a temp scriber for the summer and have sent Ellucian a priority list to be scribed.
  • A staff-wide training will take place during the week of May 24th.

Meeting Adjourned

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