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Degree Works Project Meeting Minutes

Friday, April 15, 2016 - 9:00am

Facilitator     Veronika Carter

Attendees: Naima Dennis, Veronika Carter, Rebecca Clark, Gail Starks, Keith Williams, Angela Lindstrom, David Alles


Review the following:
  1. To-Dos from Last Week's Training with Laurie Perry from Ellucian
  1. Temp Scribers
  2. Ellucian Training Sessions
  3. Design Options
  4. Webpages
  5. Degree Works Timeline
  6. Team Updates and Meetings


Temp Scribers

  • Had a great interview on Thursday, April 14.
    • We may look to hire just one scriber to work 40 hours a week plus holidays for 10 months, rather than 2 for 6 months as originally thought.
    • We will wait at least one more week to make final decision since more apps are still coming in.
  • Travis Perry is an additional in-house resource.
  • The temp scriber hiring process should be completed by end of April.

Ellucian Training Sessions

  • Ellucian Technical Training will take place in early May; the first Functional Training sessions will happen May 24-26.
  • Who should be invited to attend these meetings? Should we have a separate overview session for Dean's Office staff?
    • Mark Hall is on leave, but would be first choice to attend as he has shown interest/commitment.
    • We will invite Genevieve (CEMS) and Gillian (CESS) for exceptions training in July.
    • We will need to create plan for exception training for all units.

To-Dos from Last Week's Training with Laurie Perry from Ellucian

  • Gail and David are working on these currently.

Design Options

  • We discussed "local branding", i.e., different branding/colors for different colleges. The answer seemed to be "no" from Laurie but we may be able to find a way around the coding to accomplish this.


  • Ellucian Degree Works page
    • Keith suggested installing a site meter or Google Analytics to assess the traffic on this webpage.
  • Project Request page
    • We need a university-wide announcement regarding this page.
  • DW Meeting Minutes page
    • Currently, the minutes are all listed on the front page in order of the most recent meeting. Eventually there will be a list of links to different dates so that when clicked, viewer can see the minutes for a specific meeting.

Degree Works Timeline

  • We are on track for April in terms of the Scribe and Project Management to-do items. The IT/Install item ("decide on frequency of DW feed") should be moved to May.
  • Communications
    • We need to think about ways to communicate to the campus at large regarding updates and announcements.
      • Talk to Gary Derr regarding this.
      • PowerPoint presentation to play in the Davis Center starting in the fall.
      • Are there any audit demo videos available that we can share?

Degree Works team Updates and Meetings

  • Do we need to schedule a broad update meeting for the DW Team before summertime?
    • It may be more efficient to share announcements/updates via email initially.
    • We need to discuss our communication plan and rollout; talk about how and when to reach out to the campus at large regarding updates and announcements.
  • We need to set up an SSC meeting.
    • July would be a good time as we will have had one month of scribing.
    • Becky, Angela, Veronika, and Naima will attend this meeting.

Meeting Adjourned

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