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Degree Works Project Meeting Minutes

Friday, February 19, 2016 - 2:30pm

Facilitator     Veronika Carter
Note taker     Naima Dennis

Attendees: Naima Dennis, Veronika Carter, Rebecca Clark, Gail Starks, Keith Williams, Angela Lindstrom, Mark Hall, Marnie Owen, Tom Chittenden, Jennifer Prue, Alyssa Johnson, Jason Maulucci


Review the following:
  1. Vision/Purpose Statement
  2. Project Charter
  3. Team Agreements
  1. Which catalog editions should be coded
  1. Installation is underway
  2. Ellucian is drafting a training schedule
  3. Website is under development
  4. A Degree Works sharepoint site is being built
  5. Stacey will share slides with the PLC plus group


Review Vision/Purpose Statement, Project Charter, Team Agreements

The group discussed whether or not it is appropriate to keep the statement, "shorten time to degree completion..." Amendments were made to the project charter.

A decision was made to have the Team Vision/Purpose on the website separate from the Project Charter.

Clarification was made to #6 of Team Agreements stating that it was okay to answer emergency/urgent calls.

The group worked on #10 of Team Agreements. Consensus was defined as unanimous and NOT majority. It was noted that AUBA (Awareness, Understanding, Buy-in, Action) would likely be needed to attain this. An agreement was made that if no consensus was met the item would be put on the agenda for next meeting as an action item.

Watch Degree Works Video
The group watched a promo video from Ellucian titled "Improve Student Success with Ellucian Degree Works". This video gives an overview of the product and how it would be helpful on campus. A decision was made to add this video to the project website.

Build Unified Design Plan
The group discussed how we would go about building a unified design. Points of discussion were should it be college specific and should it look like the UVM homepage. It was agreed that the design should have a more modern look but look more like the check sheets departments and students are used to. The team broke down in smaller groups to discuss these points. This discussion was tabled until we are able to see to what level we are able to customize the audit.

     Group One

  • functional consultant
  • "intuitive design"; a flow in direction; CAN
  • 3 versions to focus group
  • system response (recording new licensure changes)
  • capture licensure requirement
  • more of a proactive system; CAN
  • pulling data
  • can the audit display more of a timeline of a degree? CAN
  • bring a user for demo
  • can it automatically certify?
  • training a point person in each unit; ask deans to designate

     Group Two

  • obtain sample formats from Ellucian and other Banner schools and comparable schools
  • shop top options to SSC for feedback
  • talk to other peer schools at AACRAO about Degree Works possibilities
  • obtain sign-off by unit on final format
  • decide as a group on our top audit format choices
  • shop the top format options in a few open info sessions on campus

     Group Three

  • types of views: semester by semester, check list
  • feedback from stakeholders (students, advisors)
  • overlap with SEP?
  • examples from other Degree Works units
  • understand limitations/constraints of system
  • proactive for student - flag course offering
  • variety of views - overall vs. semester

Identify Stakeholders
Pushed to next meeting.

Create Agenda for Next Meeting
Identify stakeholders.
Find a new meeting time.
How broadly do we go with eliciting feedback?
Decide on catalog year to begin with.

A Degree Works testing environment has been created.
Ellucian has proposed a training schedule and it is being reviewed.
Website and SharePoint site are in development.

Decisions Made

  1. Updated the Project Charter and Team Agreements.

Meeting Adjourned

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