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Graduate Program
Mechanical Engineering

Examples of fluid mechanics

Applicant Qualifications

The mechanical engineering graduate program seeks to attract excellent students. We offer a doctoral (Ph.D.) degree and a Master's of Science (M.S.) degree in mechanical engineering, as well as an accelerated M.S. degree in mechanical engineering for qualified undergraduate students. Each student must meet the general requirements for admission as outlined under the regulations of the University of Vermont Graduate College. Typically, students entering the program have received a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or a related field. Applicants with other backgrounds will be evaluated individually and must complete prescribed undergraduate technical course work. Part-time study leading to the Master of Science degree is also possible for engineers who are employed in the vicinity. Applications are accepted from the United States and around the world.

Application for Admission

To be considered for admission in our graduate program in mechanical engineering, students must complete an official application with UVM Graduate College using the online application process. Applications are evaluated based on transcript information, GRE (general test), statement of purpose, and recommendation letters to develop a complete understanding of an applicant's likelihood to succeed in advanced study of mechanical engineering. While applications are reviewed as soon as they are received, we appreciate your patience until the admission decision is made. The deadlines for application submission are:
February 1 for fall admissions.
September 1 for spring admissions.

Students who have questions or would like guidance before making a formal application can send their query to Samantha Williams, Graduate Programs Coordinator at You can also quickly verify the feasibility of your admission into our program by clicking on Minimum Requirements for Admission.