Orange barYou may be charged additional fees for labs, health services, student events, and more.

Students may also be assessed fines for dorm damage, illegal parking, overdue library books, late payments, and returned checks.

Course Specific Fees and Lab fees

These are additional fees for materials and/or services associated with certain courses, such as a fee for art supplies or certain software. For questions about the specific materials or services funded by a lab or course fee, consult your course instructor.

Grp Ex (Fall/Spring)

This is a charge for Group Exercise. These charges are assessed for various group exercise classes run by campus recreation. Examples include yoga classes and fitness training classes. Questions about group exercise charges should be directed to the campus recreation department (802) 656-3070.

Health Service Charges (including lab and miscellaneous)

The UVM Student Health Services does not bill directly to health insurance providers. Charges are billed to the student’s UVM account. Students are provided a summary of charges at Health Services portal which may be used to request reimbursement from a health insurance provider. Questions about health service charges should be directed to the Student Health Services at (802) 656-8509 or

IRA (Inter-Residence Association) Fee

The Inter-Residence Association (IRA) fee is billed to all students who are living on campus. View details on fee and coverage.

Judicial Fines

Fines assessed through the student judicial process will be charged to your student account. Any questions about these charges should be directed to the Center for Student Ethics & Standards at (802) 656-4360.

Late Payment Fee

A late payment fee of $250 may be assessed if you do not pay or respond to your bill by the bill due date. Late fees may be appealed by submitting a late fee appeal form.

Library Fines

The Howe Library and/or the Dana Medical Library may charge your account for any books or reference materials not returned on time. You may be assessed late fees or book replacement fees, as applicable. For questions about library fines, contact the applicable library directly. The Howe Library can be reached at (802) 656-2023, and the Dana Medical Library can be reached at (802) 656-2200.

Parking Fines

Parking fines from Transportation and Parking Services will be charged to your student account. Any questions about Parking Fines should be directed to Transportation & Parking Services at (802) 656-8686. Parking permits cannot be charged to your student account and must be paid for at Transportation and Parking Services.

Residence Hall Damage Charges

Damages to residence hall rooms and common areas are charged to your student account. Charges will be assessed if a student is found directly responsible for any damage (i.e. “assigned” damage). Charges may also be assessed to all students in a community if there is damage to the common areas and no single responsible party is identified (i.e. “unassigned” damage). Any questions about residence hall damage charges should be directed to Residential Life at (802) 656-3434.

Returned Check Fees

An $23 fee is assessed for each check or ACH payment returned by your bank. The returned check fee will be assessed for electronic check payments made online which cannot be processed for any reason – including account and/or routing numbers entered incorrectly.

Software Licensing Fee

The Grossman School of Business (GSB) Software Licensing Fee is $75 per semester and is assessed to all GSB graduate, and undergraduate major and minors. For more information on what services are covered under this fee, please visit the GSB Technology page.

Supplemental Room Charges/Credits:

Entering first-year students are initially billed before their actual room assignment is known and are billed for a traditional double. The bill is adjusted once an actual room assignment is determined. This will result in an additional charge if the actual room is more than a traditional double, or a credit if it is less expensive. Room charges are also adjusted throughout the year based on room changes or changes in the number of roommates. Please direct any questions about room charges to Residential Life at (802) 656-3434.